The tremendous mistake of a 'First Dates' diner: "Austria, the country of kangaroos"

On 'First Dates'All kinds of conversations and mistakes have already been seen, but the program and its guests always surprise. This week, one of the participants in the Four caused some impact among viewers by the tremendous geographic error that he performed. An attempt to look good before his date ended up leaving him in evidence.

The space presented by Carlos Sobera presented two diners wanting to find love, Claudia and Luis Reynaldo. The two started dinner with a good taste in their mouths and many aspects of their lives were recounted with some complicity.

Everything seemed to be going pretty well until the girl explained that she was going on a trip to Austria. At that moment, the bachelor made a comment that left Claudia speechless: "Austria, the land of kangaroos", he expressed totally convinced of his statement. The participant looked at him quite perplexed and rectified it:"I'm going to Vienna, Austria, no Australia". Luis Reynaldo tried to get out of the gaffe as best he could, justifying that they were a lot alike. Luckily, the girl was not very fond of geography and she took this slight lapse with humor.


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