The Treasury stopped collecting 37 million euros in 2019 due to the reduction in VAT to the cinema

Treasury has stopped collecting more than37 million eurosin the year 2019 due to theVAT dropin the cinema of 21 to 10%, as shown by the collection report of theTax agencyto which Europa Press has agreed for the month of November - and which still has the impact of the last month of the year to be added.

This figure that is not received is added to the amounts that have already been released since September of the previous year -mes in which, according to the Treasury, the decline began to be noticed- to December 2018, when the impact was 16 million of euros. Thus, in total, since the drop in VAT, the negative impact on the state coffers has been 53 million euros.

The drop in VAT on movie tickets enteredeffective July 5, 2018, with the application of the General State Budget of 2018. Just over a year earlier, in June 2017, the VAT of the tickets for live shows had already been lowered.

TheFederation of Cinemas of Spain(FECE) noted two months after the VAT was lowered to the cinema that 87% of Spanish theaters had lowered the price of their tickets.

The cinematographic sector, like the rest of cultural fields, experienced a VAT increase of 8 to 21% in September 2012 -abook exception, which have 4%, or museum tickets, exempt from this tax - and from that moment they claimed the decrease of this tax.

Culture was one of the sectors most affected by the rise in 2012, since while the general rate went from 18 to 20%, the reduced from 8 to 10% and the super-reduced remained in the four, some areas, such assale of tickets to cultural shows(cinema, theater or concerts), changed from a type of tax reduced to the general, which was 12 percentage points more.

Spanish cinema will not reach 100 million

To this is added the data of the collection of Spanish cinema throughout 2019, which has accumulated a total of 90.5 million euros in mid-December and will not exceed the barrier of 100 million euros, something that did not happen since last 2013, when the collection stood at 67.1 million euros, according to data collected by Europa Press provisional of theMinistry of Culture and Sports, in the absence of closing the year.

In the absence of great new titles in this last part of the year and only with'If I were rich'In the 'top 5' collection of the last week accounted for - with 0.4 million euros in this period -, the collection of Spanish cinema will not foreseeably achieve the 10 million euros needed in the last 15 days of 2019.

In total, 2019 has met until December 15 to15.4 million viewers in the rooms(compared to 17.6 million viewers of 2018). The Spanish film that has worked best at the box office this year has been'Father there is only one', fromSantiago Segura, which has managed to raise 14.2 million euros and has been seen by 2.4 million viewers.

This film is followed by the adaptation of the Italian comedy'I leave it whenever I want', starringErnesto Sevilla and David Verdaguer, which has exceeded 11.3 million euros at the box office and has gathered 1.8 million viewers.

Likewise, 'While the war lasts', fromAlejandro Amenábar-and most nominated tape to the Goya-, is in third place and has raised 10.9 million euros and a figure similar to its predecessor of spectators, 1.8 million.


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