September 27, 2020

The Treasury requires Murcia and Cantabria to pay 150 and 130 million a month to its suppliers




The Ministry of Finance narrows the siege on Murcia and Cantabria on account of the delay in payment to suppliers. The “number two” of Minister María Jesús Montero, the Secretary of State for the Treasury, Inés Bardón, sent letters to both regions at the end of January in which she quantified the invoice they must pay each month to their suppliers. In the case of Murcia, the Ministry calculates that in order to comply with the maximum payment term provided for in the 30-day delinquency Act, must «dedicate monthly (…) an amount of at least 150 million euros» to its suppliers, said in the letter sent to the Regional Minister of Finance, Javier Celdrán.

The Ministry has activated the retention of the pertinent resources on deliveries on behalf of the community, applying the most serious scenario foreseen in the Stability Law. In the next few days the deadline for the General Intervention of the community informs the department of Montero about its payment procedures, so that the Ministry can calculate in detail the exact amount that will detract from account deliveries, beyond this estimate of more than 150 million.

Yes Murcia Paying a part of this amount, the Treasury will complete the rest with these resources of the region for a minimum period of six consecutive months in which the region must pay less than 60 days. As sources from the Murcia Ministry of Finance describe, this retention is likely to be executed in March.

The region paid 75.98 days in November, after spending four consecutive months paying its bills more than 60 days and twelve over the 30-day limit. The community remembers the 85 million VAT that is still pending and the under-financing of the system, which leads it to have the largest deficit among the communities, 1.32% of GDP until November.

Sanitary debts of Cantabria

Cantabria is in a situation, even less serious. In the letter to his Minister of Economy, María Sánchez, Bardón says that he must dedicate a minimum amount of 130 million per month until the legal deadline is met. The Ministry recommends that the community expedite the debts of “greater seniority, especially in the health field, whose payment must be a priority”. The average payment period in the region was 90.3 days in November which, in the case of the health sector, shoots at 112.6 days.

Treasury rebukes the community governed by Miguel Ángel Revilla because «in the last months of the year There is an accumulation of commercial debt corresponding to accrued expenses but that remain pending of imputation budgetary, with the consequent difficulties in the processing of payments even when there were no treasury restrictions ». That is why he claims that the community «abbreviate the appropriate budgetary measures to ensure the necessary budgetary allocations»So that« guarantee timely coverage of payments », above all«certain expenses of a sanitary nature».

If Cantabria persists in the delay in paying suppliers, the Treasury will demand cuts to the region to pay its bills, control the indebtedness of the community and ask it to submit a treasury plan with the measures planned to remedy its situation. If it continues to default and its average payment period does not fall below 60 days, the Ministry may retain the resources of the community, as will happen with Valencia.

Right now, citing the Stability Law, the Treasury recommends that the region governed by Miguel Ángel Revilla include these 130 million for the purposes of “quantified measures of cost reduction, revenue increase or other collection management measures and payments, which must take the form that allows it to generate the treasury necessary for the reduction of its average period of payment to suppliers ». Cantabria must include all this in its February treasury plan.


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