October 21, 2020

The Treasury receives more than 361,000 requests to defer tax debts

Government spokeswoman and Finance Minister, María Jesús Montero, has advanced that more than 361,000 self-employed and SMEs have requested to defer their tax debts since this measure was approved on March 12 and added that it represents a liquidity injection of 2,225 million of euros.

Montero has defended the effectiveness of the tax measures that have been approved to facilitate the treasury of the self-employed and SMEs, such as the postponement of tax debts with the administration (such as withholdings of personal income tax or VAT passed-on fees) for up to 30,000 euros and a term six months, with three months grace period.

In response to the question of the JxCAT deputy Ferrán Bel during the control session to the Government in the Plenary of Congress in which he asked the minister to extend the extension of the term for the presentation of taxes for SMEs and self-employed, Montero has highlighted that More than a million self-employed workers have requested the extraordinary benefit for cessation of activity.

“The measures are indeed being effective and the data shows this,” he added, indicating that there are also more than 2,250 companies and self-employed workers who have requested the postponement of the debts they have with Social Security, and that almost 1,100,000 are who benefit from deductions on their electricity, gas or supplies bills.

Bel has urged the government to extend the postponement of tax returns by at least three more months and has said that the measures are insufficient and that the Tax Agency should be “more flexible and generous”.

He recalled that the postponement for tax procedures until April 30 (if they began before the Royal Decree came into force) or May 20 (if they started after) is insufficient and that the extension of terms for debts tax increases to an interest of 3.75% from the third month, of the six planned.

The minister has considered that this term is “logical” and offers sufficient time to comply with the Treasury and has stressed that the self-employed are precisely one of the groups most protected by the Government at the start of the pandemic.

In the same sense, the vice president of Economic Affairs, Nadia Calviño, has valued all the liquidity injection measures adopted, such as the endorsements of the ICO, in the face of the criticism expressed by the deputy of Citizens Marcos de Quinto who has doubted that the Executive recognizes the work of companies.

“It seems that they are more comfortable dropping businesses than preventing them from closing,” he reproached Calviño, who was surprised by the analysis made by the deputy and asked him to highlight the approved measures.


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