The Treasury opens the melon of the regional financing reform with a first document




The dilemma of regional financing has never ceased to be topical. Communities that ask for more because they consider that they are underfunded and the resistance of the others, in addition to the Government of the day. The Ministry of Finance of María Jesús Montero has decided to open the melon with a first document to reform the model.

The Government's approach is to use the adjusted population criterion, on which it says that there is consensus among the regions. “The Treasury understands that it is necessary to improve the calculation and distribution formula by type of expense. Currently, more and better statistical data are available than when the current model was approved in 2009. Therefore, it is possible to bet on a more realistic, sophisticated and stratified adjusted population calculation», Affirms the ministry.

In a report from 240 pages, prepared by a group of experts, includes variables to take into account when distributing more, and according to what concepts. "The Ministry of Finance has empirically analyzed the distribution of regional spending to establish new distribution percentages by functions," he says in a press release.

Indicators of the so-called basic ones such as health, education and social services have been analyzed, and apart from that, other "corrective variables" of a geographical and demographic nature are taken into account; that is, the surface, the dispersion or the insularity, in addition to the depopulation.

Among the indicators that the adjusted population criterion takes into account, health and education would have more weight in the distribution of autonomous funds. Likewise, corrective variables would also increase their importance, placing emphasis on criteria such as depopulation or geographical dispersion.

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