The Treasury investigates whether Luceño's company defrauded the treasury after charging the millionaire commissions

The Treasury investigates whether Luceño's company defrauded the treasury after charging the millionaire commissions

Businessman Alberto Luceno and their companies are not only under the scrutiny of the judge of the case masks. It is also being investigated by the Tax Agency. As revealed by his own lawyer before the judge investigating the case, the AEAT informed him a few weeks ago that they are verifying whether the Takamaka company, which he used to channel the millionaire commissions he collected from Malaysia and came from the coffers of the Madrid City Council, he paid all the corporate tax that he had to pay in that year 2020.

Luceño and Medina declare the Madrid City Council for alleged fraud

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This is how their defense explains it in a letter in which they respond to an appeal from the popular accusation exercised by Podemos, in which they recognize that it is information that until now was not known by the parties. “The AEAT loaded Takamaka with an inspection plan for a long time. We know, because the officials in charge of such verification and inspection have made it known,” says Luceño's lawyer. Podemos had requested that the investigation be extended to this fiscal crime.

"The tax inspection that he intends on the company TAKAMAKA INVEST SL is already underway," says the lawyer, referring to a communication dated June 1 of this year that provides the judge in the case with masks. A communication in which the Tax Agency explains that the purpose of the inspection is "to verify compliance with its tax obligations and duties for the concept of Corporate Tax for the 2020 period".

The Takamaka company was established by Alberto Luceño that same year 2020, a few months after starting to collect the millionaire commissions from Malaysia. A Treasury report already provided to the procedure revealed that both Luceño and his partner Luis Medina they emptied their bank accounts after collecting commissions. Specifically, Luceño transferred 3.3 million euros to the Takamaka company, from which he spent hundreds of thousands of euros on travel, luxury goods and high-end cars, among other things.

In recent hours, as reported by the ABC newspaper, Luceño has also submitted a brief to the court in which he asks to explore new ways to question the Malaysian businessman San Chin Choon, owner of the Leno company that he brought to Madrid, as a witness. the material that is now investigating the mask case. The rogatory commission did not achieve its objective and informed the judge that the Malaysian businessman had refused to have his statement recorded and now Luceño requests that this diligence be insisted on. revealed the mask case of the Madrid City Council. Have you thought about how much news you wouldn't know if didn't exist? If you think our work matters, help us.

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