The Treasury has returned almost 4 million euros in the Canary Islands, just three days after the start of the Income

The Treasury has returned almost 4 million euros in the Canary Islands, just three days after the start of the Income

Image of one of the platforms of the Rent of face-to-face attention. This will start on June 1. / Arcadio Suarez

7,843 island taxpayers have already received their income into account. To date, 81,535 Canarians have presented the Income, 90% of them with a result that has been returned for an amount of almost 49 million

Silvia Fernandez

Just three days after the Tax Agency kicked off the Income campaign, there are already 7,843 island taxpayers who have received the amount of their refund in their current accounts. In total, as of yesterday, the Treasury had already paid 3.6 million euros to the islands. The refunds paid have increased by 19% compared to the previous year -in 1,270 taxpayers- and the amount grows by 13.4% -in 400,000 euros-, according to data provided yesterday by the Tax Agency.

One more year the AEAT gains in speed, since the refunds made increase despite the fact that this year there has been a slight decrease at the beginning of the campaign in the number of declarations presented in favor of the taxpayer.
In three days, 72,894 returns have been requested, 1% less than in the same period of the previous Income, when they were 73,657.
Yes, the refund amount has grown this year, which amounts to 48.8 million euros compared to 46.9 a year earlier. It is 4% more.

So far this campaign, the declarations presented in favor of the public coffers and for which the taxpayer must pay have also decreased in the Canary Islands. Until yesterday, 3,879 declarations had been presented (-7.6) for a value of 2.3 million euros (-1.3%).

Between those that have a result to return and those to enter, since Wednesday, when the campaign started, and until yesterday, Friday, 81,535 declarations had been filed, 0.9% less.

At the provincial level, in Las Palmas the number of people who have already filed the declaration remains the same: 46,926, while in Santa Cruz de Tenerife they drop by 2%, to 34,609. In Las Palmas, the declarations to be returned presented in three days are 42,114 worth 28 million and yesterday the Treasury had already paid 2.2 million to 4,757 taxpayers.

In the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, 30,780 statements have been filed to be returned for 20.8 million. The Tax Agency had already returned 1.4 million to 3,086 filers yesterday.

As far as taxpayer assistance services are concerned, the main novelty of this campaign is the launch of a renewed and expanded version of the 'Informador' de Renta and the creation of a specific one on economic activities. This tool, accessible on the Agency's website in the section dedicated to the campaign, includes the structured and systematized Income Help blocks to be able to offer the information requested from simple questions made by the tool itself, which also allows dialogue and response in PDF format.

With this expansion of content, the 'Informador' becomes a comprehensive online assistance service with more than 800 answers to the most outstanding doubts of the entire tax in matters such as campaign news, the obligation to declare, taxation and personal and family situations, tax benefits, real estate and financial products, as well as those included in the specific 'Informer' on economic activities. All this from 23 initial sections of content (13 of the general 'Informer' and 10 of the one dedicated to economic activities).

Also as a novelty, the different information blocks are connected to a chat attended by specialists from nine in the morning to seven in the afternoon.

In this campaign, the 'We Call You' plan for preparing statements by telephone will maintain a capacity that last year allowed 1,153,000 tax returns to be made this way, almost 70% of all tax returns filed with personalized assistance. Given the good results of this assistance formula, its operating calendar is maintained this season.
The 'We Call You' plan will start on May 5, with appointment requests starting on May 3 and service until the end of the campaign.

Once the taxpayer requests an appointment (it is recommended to apply online or through an automated service on 91 535 73 26, or on 901 12 12 24) and choose morning or afternoon hours, the system proposes a day and time in which you will receive the call from the Tax Agency.

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