December 3, 2020

The Treasury does not rule out expanding the Income campaign and enhances telephone service




The Tax Agency works with the current calendar of the Income campaign, which ends on June 30, but its director Jesús Gascón has warned that it does not rule out the extension of the term. “We have enormous operational capacity, without ruling out any options, than will depend on the health situation in the country», Has answered the question of whether it is proposed to extend the term of the Income campaign, as some provincial councils such as Álava, Guipúzcoa or Navarra have done.

In an act organized by the Registry of Fiscal Advisers of the REAF and the General Council of Economists, he affirmed that everything will depend on how the coronavirus outbreak and movement restrictions evolve, with May 13 as the date to start face-to-face care – four days after the state of alarm ends – and, for the time being, the offices of the Tax Agency are closed.

“The absolute priority is to attend to the sanitary problem and if there are restrictions and offices cannot be opened, offices cannot be opened. It is very difficult to forecast, “he added. Of course, he has added that for the moment, work is being done “on the terms of the ministerial order, starting in April and ending on June 30”.

For what may happen and if the offices are still closed when the face-to-face campaign begins, Gascón has decided to boost telephone service. “The idea we have is to start very strong, not wait until May 13, with a very reinforced telephone service from May 7 by appointment from 5 and with many officials. The Agency employee can make the statement over the phone, and that can be done in offices and at home. We have solved it by phone », he asserted.

550,000 face-to-face taxpayers are already online

For the moment, Gascón has assessed the positive start of the Income campaign “at an extraordinary rate” with more than five million statements filed so far, of which 550,000 correspond to taxpayers who last year went in person to offices. The Tax Agency has already received 1.5 million more income tax returns than last year, 40% more.

Likewise, Gascón has detailed the data given yesterday by the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, that until now 361,000 SMEs and the self-employed have requested to defer debts of up to 30,000 euros for six months – with three months without interest -, a measure that was approved at 550,000 applications were received in mid-March.

What if I already declared in the module system?

In this sense, it has also explained the decree approved last Tuesday that allows the self-employed who wish to leave the module regime this year in order to pay for their results and not with a fixed fee in the face of the coronavirus crisis, in addition to subtracting the days of activity those in which the alarm status was in force.

Gascón has detailed that those who have already filed their statement and want to rectify may do so presenting a form with a «procedure» on which the Tax Agency is working. In this way, if someone has already entered their quota and now wants to withdraw, by submitting their form, the Treasury will compensate them for the difference compared to the second statement.

Faced with the debate on why he has waited until the last days of the deadline to approve the extension of the IRPF, VAT and Companies to companies that enter up to 600,000 euros, Gascón has responded that most of the taxpayers wait until the last days to make the statement.

Against general tax deferrals

He has also pointed out that, compared to other countries that have approved general postponements, the Treasury has decided to approve “individualized” measures. «If you don’t have management skills, the best thing you can do is coffee for everyone. We can differentiate“, He pointed out, to assess the approach that has been put into practice of incentives for SMEs and self-employed workers with lower turnover compared to”treating the one who has closed the business and the one who has more benefits than ever». The US Chamber of Commerce in Spain he had asked to generalize the deferrals to SMEs to large companies.


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