August 2, 2021

The Treasury accepts that the interns with more seniority occupy their position without opposition and saves the «icetazo»




The Executive got
save in extremis the decree of the interim and with frantic negotiations
which took place just minutes before the debate in Congress took place. The so-called “icetazo” – due to the criticism received from some sectors – finally came out ahead in a very tight vote and after an unexpected agreement by the socialist group with ERC, which also dragged other government partners, such as United Podemos. The “yes” was possible after The Treasury will agree to give in on some of the points most criticized by the interim themselves and the opposition political groups. In order to validate the pact and at the last minute, the now Minister of Finance and Public Function, María Jesús Montero, who inherited the content of the norm from the previous Minister of Territorial Policy and Public Function, Miquel Iceta, offered the Congress groups Modify the decree law of urgent measures to reduce the temporality in public employment.

Finally, and after a tie result in the first round, the decree law went ahead in a very tight way in the second vote: by a single vote after obtaining 170 supporters in favor, 169 against and eight abstentions. In order to attract ERC votes, Minister María Jesús Montero did not hesitate to introduce significant changes to the norm drawn up by her predecessor in office and included the option of holding non-eliminatory competitions to exempt temporary staff with more than ten years of experience from them who has not obtained a place in that period of career.

Montero already announced during the parliamentary debate that these changes would be introduced during the processing of the decree as a bill and, at the same time, promised to have it approved in mid-October. As detailed by Montero, temporary personnel with more than ten years of experience in the Administration may avail themselves of article 61.6 of the Basic Statute of Public Employees. This standard makes it possible the assessment of merits for access as an exceptional possibility instead of requiring an exam or eliminatory test as a requirement to obtain the place.

Another of the modified points will facilitate that the autonomous communities have the last word and can choose that the opposition is not eliminatory. In principle, this will be the case for the stabilization processes of the structural positions occupied for more than three years by temporary personnel.

Limit to temporality

The initial agreement was reached by Iceta with the unions weeks before its arrival in Congress. The main objective of the decree that is being released today was to regularize 300,000 interns and get the temporary work down from 30% to 8%, a goal that should have been met by 2020, according to ABC. However, unions point to higher figures and estimate that labor abuse in the Administration affects between 800,000 and 900,000 workers.

From CSIF, the majority union in public administrations, they positively valued the validation of the decree for the reduction of the temporality and called for said procedure to be carried out, shortening the deadlines as much as possible so that it begins to apply according to the previously agreed times with the unions. «We must provide a solution to thousands of people who have been chaining temporary contracts for years due to poor planning in terms of human resources of the different public administrations, favoring the stabilization of their position with legal certainty, so that the selection processes cannot be truncated with later in the courts, “they warned from Csif.

The pact was not initially received with satisfaction by the interns themselves, who, through the State Coordinator of Temporary Public Personnel, protested to try to overturn the decree approved by the Government. Many of them rebelled against the “icetazo” for, far from assuming a job improvement,
threatened to leave out interns with years of experience
that they failed to pass the theoretical tests called.

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