The treasurer of the AMPA of a school spent 229,000 euros in play and drugs "to the beast"

The treasurer of the AMPA of a school spent 229,000 euros in play and drugs "to the beast"

The treasurer of the Association of Mothers and Parents of Students (APMA) of a school from San Sebastian has admitted today to having spent, in only 9 months, almost 229,000 euros of this body in play and drugs "to the beast", including a fund that the entity had accumulated for two decades for support the studies of school children who may be orphaned during the course.

The Prosecutor's Office of Gipuzkoa has claimed four years in prison for this man for a crime of misappropriation, while the private accusation, carried out by the victims, have raised their request for a sentence of up to six years of imprisonment, and the defense, for its part, has demanded the acquittal of its client on the understanding that it acted moved by his addiction to drugs and gambling.

The events, which were tried this morning in the First Section of the Audience of Gipuzkoa, took place between January and September 2014, a period during which the man he appropriated the aforementioned amount distributed in three bank accounts of different entities, to which he had access in his capacity as treasurer, and that left to zero, coming to claim the members new income up to a total of 26,000 euros, part of which also made theirs.

In the statement he has lent today in court, the defendant, father of two children who were studying at school, has acknowledged the facts, has admitted that he seized different amounts on multiple occasions by withdrawing cash at ATMs and at the teller window, as well as through transfers to his own accounts or those of his wife, from which he later withdrew the money without her realizing it.

He has declared, however, not to be aware of the total amount of money he appropriated, although he has reminded that the AMPA accounts were left without funds, a situation to which he arrived because, as he said, he had a personal problem that led him to seek "refuge in cocaine and gambling", at first with "small" amounts that later went "out of hand" without a progression, until you get to do it "to the beast".

"My day to day was to buy the drug and then take refuge in any gambling place, I knew them all", he recalled this man, who said he had taken between five and six grams of cocaine a day, because he needed them to "escape".

His addiction got to such a point that, as he said, it took him to be all night with a laptop playing "on line", because "I was not able to stop", until she decided to go to a psychologist friend who referred her to her primary doctor and who in turn directed her to the psychiatric service, after which she joined the Guipuzcoan Association for Research and Prevention of Drug Abuse (Agipad) and the scam was discovered that also cost him his marriage.

At another time of the hearing, the president of the affected AMPA has testified, who has confirmed that the three accounts of the entity remained funds after the action of the accused, including one that was "untouchable" because its funds were intended to pay for the studies of the students of the school in case of orphanage.

The trial has been seen today for sentencing.



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