The Transgrancanaria HG closes its twentieth edition with a new success - La Provincia

The Transgrancanaria HG closes its twentieth edition with a new success - La Provincia

The Transgrancanaria HG lowers this Sunday the curtain of its twentieth edition with the satisfaction of work well done, after five intense days in which more than 4,500 runners have participated in the six competitive modalities of the test, the Family Trans and the Transgrancanaria Kids .

A date that consolidates its growth, as a sports reference on the island and with a recognition in the international calendar of mountain races. Not in vain, this year Transgrancanaria HG has premiered Series Bonus category, which gives the test a higher score in the ranking of the Ultra Trail World Tour. Honor that he shares exclusively with the legendary UTMB.

Pau Capell gets the triple crown

In the sports chapter, the Transgrancanaria HG leaves us many protagonists, among whom we rescue two: Pau Capell and Luca Papi. The Catalan runner was proclaimed, for the third year in a row, winner of the Transgrancanaria HG, beating on the line of arrival to Pablo Villa and Cristofer Clemente. Magda Laczak also revalidated victory in women's category, followed by Kaytlyn Gerbin and Fernanda Maciel.
Luca Papi, meanwhile, will go down in the history of the race by having completed in the same edition the two longest and most demanding races of the race: on Friday morning he proclaimed himself winner of the Transgrancanaria 360º and at dawn on Sunday , finisher of the Transgrancanaria HG of 128km, completing a total of 77:37:20 hours in the race, 20,765 meters of positive height gain and 393.6 kilometers between the two events.

In Advanced mode, victories for Iván Camps and Irina Raczynska. Both the Catalan runner and the runner-up of the test, Martin Halasz, fell after six hours. Jesús Gil closed the podium with his third place. On the women's podium, the two local runners accompanied the Russian: the Belgian Dominique van Mechgelen, who has lived on the island for years, and María José Guillén.

Triumph in the Marathon for Pablo Villalobos and Katarzyna Solinska. The Spanish rider took revenge for the discomfort of last year in the Advanced, to cross the goal arch of Meloneras to the first in this test. Antonio Martínez and Borja Fernández completed the podium of one of the most disputed races of the weekend. Marta Molist and Kerstin Engelmann-Pilger were second and third in the women's classification.
In the Starter and Promo categories, victories for the Finnish Mårten Boström and the Spanish Sheila Avilés, while Chema Martínez and the Dutch Luna de Bruin won the shortest race of the Transgrancanaria HG.

Historical doublet

One more year, the Transgrancanaria HG 360º deserves a separate chapter. Its winner, Luca Papi, wrote a chapter in the history of the race in this twentieth edition, after finishing the modality of 265 kilometers in just over 50 hours and completing the "queen" mode of the race, which is 128 kilometers away. They accompanied Papi on the podium of the 360º Eugeni Roselló and the local runner Iván Galván.

In the feminine modality, Esther Hernández reached the first goal. The Latvian Anita Liepina and the French Céline Lucak completed the three boxes of the winners of this ultra-resistance test.

One more year, the recognition to each and every one of the participants of this test only suitable for brave, who toured the island for 265 kilometers. In fact, it was this same test that put the finishing touch to the Transgrancanaria HG, since the goal was closed at 10:46 this Sunday with the arrival of the Polish Tomasz Eryk Krasinski, signing a time of 97:35:21 .
Twenty years of growth
In terms of media coverage, the Transgrancanaria HG has marked a new ceiling in terms of media presence, with a total of 146 communication professionals from around the world covering the race. In addition, the streaming service of the race increased its hours of coverage, offering Transgrancanaria HG practically in its entirety. For its part, the Canary Television -an autonomous channel of the islands- offered for the first time a live broadcast on Saturday morning from the finish line of Expomeloneras.
Last but not least, the love of the organization of the test for all the professionals and volunteers who, with their effort and dedication, have made Transgrancanaria HG continue to grow, as well as the gratitude to the security and emergency bodies that They have been involved in the development of the test all these five days.


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