The transformation of Vinicius: the anti-toiss, the bunker and "not thinking too much"

The Italian coach seems to have hit the right key in Vinicius's head, which now adds to his impudence, imbalance and verticality, good decisions at the finish. During preseason Carletto talked on several occasions with the crack of Sao Gonçalo and applied in those talks all the teachings inherited from his teacher, the legendary Nils Liedholm, legendary Swedish footballer from Milan of the 40s and 50s and technician of the Rome in the 80s, where he directed Ancelotti and to whom he confessed one day: soccer it is the best profession in the world. It is a pity that there are parties ”.

At 21 he is a stronger, more powerful player. He has ceased to be the puny child of the favela and now uses his body as another resource to overwhelm rivals


Ancelotti then sent a concise message to Vinicius: “Why don't you do in games what you do in training? Get out there, have fun, and don't overthink. It's just football ”. There was the key. "Do not think too much". The technician of ReggioloWith his calm leadership, he has freed the Brazilian from the pressure that plagued him when he had to finish the plays. Vinicius was made at night for "thinking too much." I was thinking of all the finishing options. But above all, in the rune-run of the Santiago Bernabeu before their mistakes.

The anti-toiss

Since it landed in Madrid, the footballer lives isolated from the world precisely to remain himself. He moved to a mansion in La Moraleja with an army of relatives. Among them, his two guardian angels, Luiz Felipe Menegate and Wesley Menezes. Two childhood friends whose mission is to make Vini feel at home in Madrid. Nothing to do with the boisterous friends of Neymar. They are the anti-toiss of Vinicius. The former has even tried his luck playing at the modest La Moraleja Football Club, in the Madrid region. Portugal, Mallorca, Sardinia, Ibiza, Marbella ... There is always room to travel and have fun, but there is a maxim that governs the ecosystem created around Vini: Nothing should alter the happy routine of the soccer player. Something that explains why Menegate and Menezes take the opportunity to go out when Vini stays out of Madrid for the night because of his commitments to the team. Thus there is no possible temptation for the player.

Vinicius Jr.'s friends

Another of the substantial changes that the new Vinicius has undergone is its physique. At 21 he is a stronger, more powerful player. He has ceased to be the puny child of the favela and now uses his body as one more resource to overwhelm rivals. He works at home with a personal trainer, he's not afraid to crash, and he's more aggressive. Cristiano Ronaldo is the mirror you look in, because of your work ethic, and Benzema it has helped you find the pause at the key moment.

He leads a monastic life, enjoys the delicious Brazilian recipes cooked by his aunt Vanessa, which are conveniently nutritionally customized to keep him fit, and his two friends escort him to work sessions at home. But there is also a place for entertainment, in the form of eternal games on the console or with the Brazilian music that inspires the footballer so much. Armored in his bunker, Vinicius is a kind of anti-Ronaldinho off the field to become the Ronaldinho of Real Madrid on the field with his cheek, his smile and his desire to have fun on the grass with his neighbor and friend Rodrygo Goes.

"I'm going to take you away"

The young man is fully aware of the evolutionary process he is going through and has perfectly understood the message of Ancelotti. “I am 21 years old and have a long time to evolve. I'm going to fail, it's normal, but I'm going to try again and sometimes it's going to work out. " During the celebration of the goals against Shakhtar he repeated a gesture in celebration, which he later explained: “It was for Ancelotti. He always asks me to score goals and to be focused on the game. Sometimes I fail and he always yells at me from the outside: 'I'm going to take you away, I'm going to take you away', so that you stay focused and score more goals ”.

At the end of the game, Vinicius was asked about his third goal and replied with laughter: “I always make that play in training, but in games it never came out”. This time, as Ancelotti requested, he did in the game what he does in training. And he didn't think too much. At the end of the day it is only football.

The change of Vinicius

Season 21-22

Games: 11

Goals: 7

Assists: 5

Minutes: 833

Season 20-21

Games: 49

Goals: 6

Assists: 7

Minutes: 2,722


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