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The trailer for the latest James Bond movie

Daniel Craig goodbye to James bond, but he does it big. After the trailer of the trailer that were the few 14 seconds of teaser that drove fans crazy this Monday and the posters that revealed the sober and cashmere look of the double secret agent on Tuesday (and the long purple coat of villain Safin played by Rami Malek) have all finally been able to verify that the shooting was secret and quite difficult, but things have ended up going well.

The result, says exultant producer Rebeca Broccoli, who would do anything to make Craig follow but who understands that many expect her to be a woman soon, is spectacular. And, as always, "it tends to reflect current times" … so Russia is no longer the enemy to beat now.

The last Craig Bond

This is why James Bond, who appears having already left the service after the Specter events leading a quiet life in Jamaica until his friend Felix Leiter of the CIA asks for help, remains faithful to the style keys that have made him a character of universal and immortal fiction but also in a brand. In fact it exists as such with the name of the fictional hero and a long list of products, all of maximum precision and pure luxury.

Like the Omega watch that Craig debuts in the new film and in which she has actively participated in the design (for 25 years, when the director of costumes discovered that this was the firm that has always worn the English navy, it became the official clock of the saga) and, the cars of Aston Martin. Although at the moment it is not passed to the electrical conduction, Bond uses four models that represent the present, the past and the future of this historical association: the iconic DB5, the Valhalla, the V8 Vantage and the DBS Superleggra.

The trailer

Much of all that follows from the full trailer from No time to die, which for many is an endorsement that this James Bond will be one of the biggest. Daniel Craig himself admits it, which he still considers From Russia with love As the best of all deliveries.

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After an exhausting round of presentations in New York, which will end the Omega party at The Standard hotel tonight, Craig has had no choice but to do something he hates, expose himself. Let yourself see beyond your movies.

The actor, who also detests the Martini, does not hide that he intends to save all this at the same time he leaves the character. Regardless of his complicated fame, he hardly abandons his serious countenance and strongly contracts the furrow of his brow as a warning when something or someone does not like it. Like people getting too close. As you are required when long exposures about what you question …

At 51, the shortest and blondest double agent in history (measuring 1.78) has learned to defend his privacy with teeth and nails. So there are few, very few, who know that much of what he knows he learned in Spain. Between Madrid and Valencia. It was with Manuel Ángel Conejero, an expert in Shakespeare, with whom in 1990 he represented Blood Wedding by Federico García Lorca (in the Principal Theater, playing Leonardo).

A hard character to prepare

Craig acknowledges that he has grown up in the role of James Bond (and has been injured a lot: Broken teeth at Casino Royale, wrist injury in Quantum of Solace and ankle this last time) but he is also fed up.

Nor is it easy to put yourself in the shoes of the agent, for whom he prepared thoroughly in the gym with a personal trainer (Simon Waterson), a chef and a dietitian who accompanied him on many shoots, nor does he think he has to be faithful forever .

Daniel Craig as James Bond

Daniel Craig as James Bond
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In fact, when it ended Specter He even said that he preferred to "cut his veins before becoming Bond again." That is why he insists, more than ever, that it is time to pass the witness to another (or another) and, without anyone revealing anything (at least until this April 8 is released this James Bond: No time to die it doesn't seem like the moment) many speculate that it could be Lashana Linch or Idris Elba … or Tom Hiddleston.

Whoever replaces him will be a blessing to him. Because you can spend more time with your 27-year-old daughter as a result of her first marriage.

And, especially to his relationship with his current wife, Oscar-winning Rachel Weisz whom he met in the filming of Dream house (a psychological thriller released in 2011) and with whom he became a father again in 2018 of a girl.

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