June 5, 2020

the trade surplus with the United States increases 11%

The positive balance of the trade balance of China with the US in June, the first month with the additional tariffs introduced by both countries in force, reached 26,590 million euros, a figure that represents an increase of 11% compared to the surplus registered in May and of 3% compared to June 2018, according to the data of the Chinese Customs Administration.

In June, the new barriers introduced by both countries in their trade relations hindered Chinese exports to the US, which fell by 7.8% compared to June of the previous year and 4.2% more than in May, to 34,911 million of euros. However, the drop in Chinese imports from the US was much more pronounced, with an annual decrease of 31.4% and 13.2% compared to May, to 8,317 million euros.

Thus, in the first six months of 2019, the commercial exchanges between China and the US have dropped by 14.2%, to 229.58 billion euros.

Specifically, Chinese exports to the US between January and June 2019 totaled 177,214 million euros, 8.4% less than a year earlier, while Chinese purchases of US products fell 29.9% to 52,366 million of euros.

In this way, China's trade surplus with the United States increased by 5% in the first half of the year, to 124,847 million euros.

On June 1, the US began to apply additional tariffs on Chinese products worth about 177.897 billion euros, which China responded by applying higher rates to a series of US products.


Globally, the positive balance of China's trade balance in the first six months of 2019 reached 1,236 billion yuan (159,679 million euros), representing an annual increase of 41.6%.

Chinese exports between January and June totaled 7.95 trillion yuan (1.02 trillion euros), 6.1% above the figure for the same period of 2018, while imports of the Asian giant increased by 1, 4%, up to 6.71 trillion yuan (866.867 million euros).

In the month of June, China's sales to the rest of the world grew by 6.1% to 1.45 trillion yuan (187,323 million euros). On the other hand, Chinese purchases abroad fell by 0.4% to 1.1 trillion yuan (142.107 million euros).

Thus, China's trade surplus in June increased by 7.1% to 345.18 billion yuan (44.593 billion euros).

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