The toy sector invoices 1.156 million euros and employs 24,000 people

The toy sector invoices 1.156 million euros and employs 24,000 people

The toy sector will close the year with 1,156 million euros of turnover in Spain, a figure that shows an increase of 1.7% over a year before, according to the report "The Rules of the Game" of the business school EAE.

In addition, the sector maintains 4,500 direct and 20,000 indirect jobs in Spain, concentrated mainly in Catalonia and the Valencian Community.

A similar turnover figure for the end of the year is estimated by the Spanish Association of Toy Manufacturers (1,200 million), although their growth forecasts differ to a greater extent, since they estimate an increase of between 3% and 4%.

To these data, we must add the 500 million euros that the association estimates that the sector will earn thanks to exports.

This means an increase in exports of 13.6%, according to the report of EAE, which also highlights an increase of 18% in advertising investment in the sector, which has 221 companies in Spain.

One of the good news for the sector has been that, despite its closure in the United States and the United Kingdom, Toys "R" Us has kept its stores open in Spain, which has benefited the toy makers as one of the main distributors of these products.

However, the physical sale has lost weight again in favor of that made by the internet, which, at this time of year, represents 18% of the sector's sales in Spain, according to the toy store association.

Overall, the sector has grown moderately in the last decade and the prospect is that it continues to do so, since, despite the birth crisis in Europe, the large Asian economies increase year after year the purchase of this type of products, according to the EAE report.

Among these countries, especially China stands out, which concentrates the world production of toys, as well as being the country with the largest population in the world, and, above all, India, which is the country with the most children under 10 years of age.

Lego leads the sector with big differences, since it invoices 6,683 million euros, seven times more than its main competitor Bandai Namco, with more than 900 million euros.

After these companies, are Fisher-Price, Barbie, Nerf, and Mattel, almost all North American or European, but whose production is located in Asia.


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