The "toy factory" more supportive so that all Argentines receive gifts

The "toy factory" more supportive so that all Argentines receive gifts

The parties of Christmas and Kings bring out the most supportive and kind part of each one, as it happens with the thousands of citizens that these days pass through the "toy factory" of the SÍ Foundation in Buenos Aires to help that no Argentine boy left without his gift.

This initiative, which takes place for the sixth year, allows anyone who wants to come to the factory to contribute their time and dedication in the manufacture of gifts that are distributed to children in need, through dining rooms, picnic areas and social homes.

As Maria Tomassoni, volunteer of the Fundación Sí, told Efe, since the factory opened its doors in mid-December, around 1,500 people of all ages, strata and conditions passed through it, either individually, with friends or family.

"The truth is a mixture: many boys and many young people come, but people of all ages also come in. Many come as a family to try to do something together, to enjoy a little bit of volunteering and realize that there is a lot of people who are in a different situation than they are, "said Tomassoni.

Volunteers have even met people from other parts of the country who took part of their vacations in the capital to contribute something in the four workshops in which this year's activity is divided: superhero accessories in cloth, board games in cloth, finger puppets and a wooden workshop.

Tomassoni points out that among toy manufacturers there are people who follow them "for a very long time" and another who recently learned about their activity through word of mouth or the media.

The volunteer defines the people who add their help as "a little goblins" and says that the most satisfying thing is "that the kids get involved and know that they come to do something nice for those who do not have the capacity to have what they have. "

The toys are delivered through the dining rooms and homes where the foundation works throughout the country in two batches, one during Christmas Eve and another on the night of Kings, and they estimate that in total more than 20,000 children will receive these special presents.

In addition to the toys that they make themselves, the volunteers of the foundation set up collection baskets where used toys can be deposited, which will also be distributed.

For Tomassoni every year more people get involved in the different solidarity campaigns of Christmas and Kings, although he assures that for the volunteers of the Foundation, YES, the date does not matter when it comes to helping the most needy.

"We, from the foundation, we put the feeling throughout the year, all projects are absolutely important and we try to reach all places where you need something," he said.

Among its activities include the "night tours" that make "the 365 days of the year" to "accompany and listen to the one who is in street situation".

"The night tours seem to be something very simple, but there are a lot of things that encompass that, not only is to give them a hug and a kiss and make them visible and be able to chat, but also we help them to get the ID, with their addictions or to get a job, "he said.

For this they have all kinds of professionals in their ranks, "from psychologists and sociologists to people of human resources", among the more than 2,500 volunteers who have spread throughout the national territory.

They also organize group therapy sessions where they exercise "the function that the family can have" in the process of rehabilitation of addictions.

Its activities extend to people of all ages, from seniors, children and adolescents to those who host the eight university residences for students of rural schools that have in the country, where in addition to supporting them economically offer all kinds of advice during their studies .

All the volunteers combine their solidarity with day-to-day tasks, which often generates time constraints, although as Tomassoni points out, the important thing is to act "always from the desire to help others".


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