The towns evacuated due to the fire in Zamora amount to fourteen

The towns evacuated due to the fire in Zamora amount to fourteen

Emergency personnel work on the Sierra de la Culebra fire. / JOSE C. CASTILLO

The fire in the Sierra de la Culebra remains active and level 2 and the expected weather conditions continue to be adverse

Fourteen villages have been evacuated due to the forest fire that has ravaged the Sierra de la Culebra, in the province of Zamora, since Wednesday night, and has burned nearly 11,000 hectares of surface, mainly scrub and pine forest.

These are the towns of Palazuelo de las Cuevas, Torres de Aliste, Pobladura de Aliste, Mahíde, Cabañas de Aliste, Cional, Codesal, Flechas de Aliste, San Pedro de las Herrerías, Boya, Ferreras de Abajo, Villanueva de Valrojo, Ferreras de Arriba and Villardeciervos.

In the early hours of Thursday, the first six were evicted (Cabañas de Aliste, Palazuelo de las Cuevas, Pobladura de Aliste, Torres de Aliste, Mahíde and San Pedro de las Herrerías), who were joined throughout the morning by Boya and Villardeciervos, and in the afternoon and at night Cional, Codesal, Flechas, Ferreras de Abajo, Ferreras de Arriba and Villanueva de Valrojo.

The fire, which remains active and at level 2, was less virulent early in the morning and the height of the flames had decreased in some areas, after a hard night and intense work.

This morning the relays and the aerial means that work in the operation have already been incorporated.

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