The tourist municipalities criticize the silence on the decree of holiday rental – La Provincia

The tourist municipalities criticize the silence on the decree of holiday rental - La Provincia

There is concern among the tourist municipalities about the silence that has fallen on the new decree that will regulate theholiday rentalin the Canary Islands. Presented in May, the draft has not yet been submitted to public exposure nor is there a date scheduled for that to happen. The Ministry of Tourism that runsIsaac Castellanonow look to Madrid waiting for the central government to begin to shape the initiatives announced a month ago.

Isabel Oliver, Secretary of State for Tourism,said in September that the Socialist Executive was going to assume the leadership that, in his opinion, "stopped exercising" the PP government. In detail, that translates into changes in thelease law and in the horizontal property.In the latter case, the variation will leave the decision of whether or not the tourist rental is allowed in the building to the neighboring communities.

That announcement has caused a logical break in the Islands. Nobody wants to take the reins to approve a rule that may be obsolete at the first time, as soon as theGovernment of Pedro Sánchezaddress the changes in state laws, of higher rank and, therefore, prevailing over the decree prepared by the Tourism Council of the Canarian Executive.

On this significant silence was pronounced yesterday Marco Aurelio Pérez, mayor ofSan Bartolomé de Tirajanaand vice president of theAssociation of Tourist Municipalities (AMT),integrated by the town councils of the localities of the Archipelago where the accommodation activity is more intense:Mogán, Arona, Adeje, Guía de Isora and Pájara,in addition to the one governed by Pérez.

The first conference of this inter-municipal lobby was held last June in Adeje and, among many other issues, analyzed the impact of the proliferation of holiday homes on the traditional business. From the debate arose a document that was sent to the regional council. "We have not had an answer on whether our opinions seem good or if they reject them," he said yesterday.Marco Aurelio Pérez.

"We have done a job as tourist municipalities and we intend to at least influence that decree that the Government of the Canary Islands aims to remove before the end of the year," continued the vice president of the AMT, although time is short and it is almost certain that the deadline will not be met, especially if the approval of the island decree depends on the changes in the state laws that are studied in Madrid."We are concerned about silence and lack of sharing with the different operatorsthat have to do with the tourism of our land ", settled the mayor of San Bartolomé de Tirajana.

The AMT held a meeting yesterday with the Tourism Commission of theChamber of Commerce of Gran Canaria,headed by its president, Santiago de Armas. The meeting is part of the round of contacts that the group is maintaining with the institutions of the Archipelago to publicize its strategic lines.


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