December 5, 2020

The tourism sector explodes and urges measures to mitigate the effects of Covid




The main business organizations in the country alerted yesterday to the serious situation in the tourism sector, the main engine of the economy, especially after the recommendations of some countries not to travel to Spain and following the decision of the United Kingdom to impose a quarantine on travelers arriving from our country.

Thus, the CEOE Tourism Council met yesterday with extraordinary character “in the face of the serious situation generated by the decision of the British Government”. The CEOE urged the Government to create and convene “immediately” an inter-ministerial working group to address urgent measures to alleviate this crisis.

“We are facing a national emergency situation. Tourism has a tractor effect on other industries that makes us talk about a macrosector that, if its situation worsens further, could deepen the already dramatic figures for employment and unemployment reflected by the EPA in the second quarter, “said the employers chaired by Antonio Garamendi.

Both the CEOE and Exceltur – the Alliance for Tourism Excellence and the sector’s main lobby – regret the situation in “Permanent alarm” regarding sprouts, and how this influences the rest of European countries.

José Luis Zoreda, Exceltur vice president, warned yesterday that the situation in some places in Spain “it is even better than in the countries that impose quarantine on us” or that of other countries that have been saved from them. “The effects of this quarantine will be devastating for tourist activity and employment”, and will be the auction of “a season that had started limping and will end early, leaving hundreds of thousands of jobs under the wing at the end of October and thousands of unopened or insolvent businesses, “he said.

Meanwhile, Hospitality of Spain yesterday urged the tripartite commission to monitor the labor agreement to defend employment against the coronavirus to launch compensatory measures, both regarding companies and job protection, in the face of situations of total or partial closure or restriction of activity that are taking place in different parts of the country. Specifically, he stressed that the degree of impact on the activity, the destruction of companies and employment it is “maximum” today.


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