The Torres brothers teach to “avoid diets” and eat healthy in 28 days

Madrid, Apr 6 (EFE) .- Fleeing from “gray and boring diets” and their calorie and gram counts to embrace a healthy, tasty and economical diet is what the twins Javier and Sergio Torres, with two Michelin stars, propose in Barcelona, ​​in their book “Eat well, don’t diet”, where they share menus that they eat at home.

This Wednesday the World Health Day is celebrated and food plays a fundamental role to protect it because “it is our gasoline”, says in an interview with Efe Javier Torres, who runs together with his brother the famous Hermanos Torres Kitchen in Barcelona and with he and the Plaza & Janés publishing house also launched their tenth book, “the most solid” after two years of work.

Both verified that the bookstores are full of volumes on “gray, boring, unattractive” diets, which encouraged them to share, with the advice of the nutritionist Montse Folch, their homemade menus and their vision of “what it is to eat healthy, well, varied, with seasonal and market produce “.

“We have eaten coconut a lot to make it useful for people who don’t have much time, and they are very cheap menus,” he adds.

The result is a comprehensive four-week plan based on the Mediterranean diet, with complete menu proposals ranging from breakfast to dinner, weekly shopping lists and tips to prepare in one go, and in a couple of hours, the menu for the following days.

The objective is that, in this period, the reader has managed to learn what foods to choose in each season, which ones he can or cannot combine and how to prepare them to “eat well and feel better”, in addition to getting away from problems of overweight, diabetes and heart disease, explains Torres, who encourages betting on “live products that rot, as opposed to open and ready.”

He acknowledges in the book that “eating poorly is very easy, too easy” in a society bombarded with advertising by the ultra-processed, who also tend to occupy the most striking positions on supermarket shelves. Its fats and sugars “provide pleasure”, but also “the need to consume more”, creating “a nutritional imbalance”.

That is why the Torres invite you to take charge of eating with “ten commandments”, to which is added the recommendation to exercise daily, at least half an hour walks.

These twins, who combine that healthy and varied diet with cycling, claim to feel “super good” without depriving themselves “of anything” – “no to pastries, yes to a good chocolate”, Javier emphasizes-, which allows them to maintain their demanding work rhythm of a restaurant like Cocina Hermanos Torres.

Knowing that, especially in this pandemic, “people are more psyched to eat better and there is greater awareness that you have to take care of yourself”, with “Eat well, do not diet” they propose to facilitate this work with nutritional advice, food purchase and “simple and tasty” recipes.

Spaghetti with pistachio pesto, cream of leeks with pear, fried tuna, baked potato omelette, sautéed cuttlefish, lentil salad, casserole noodles, baked eggs or salted grouper are some of their proposals, which have Tested with his niece Carolina to show that “someone who had no idea of ​​frying an egg has made some menus and is happy and motivated because they turn out well, even with little time to cook.”

“This book makes life much easier because we organize the shopping and the menus. In 28 days you can change old established customs and, from there, go combining dishes to create new menus,” he highlights.

The twins keep the Hermanos Torres Kitchen open as long as the restrictions imposed by the pandemic allow it and Javier admits that “the response from the public has been spectacular”, so much so that “the average ticket per person has risen a lot” because “there are many desire to enjoy “.

“We are all a little more sensitive, there is much more affection, more closeness. We try to make the diner forget all this while he is in the restaurant, just like Sergio and I do. We have to move forward,” he says.

Pilar Salas


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