January 15, 2021

The "top ten" in technological trends for investors

The "top ten" in technological trends for investors

The technology in education is the first bet of the investors as it was revealed in the convention of the Israeli OurCrowd, one of the leading global platforms in venture capital held this week in Jerusalem. Its potential, the analysts explained, is enormous "because it has to be made smart". The second position of "Tech Trends 2019" is occupied by food. In this area, the "start-ups" stand out, which are innovating in the reduction of added sugars without eliminating the sweet taste. The following are also included in the ranking: green technology, data analysis, biochemistry and personalized medical treatments, devices to detect natural disasters and address their emergencies, cybersecurity, agriculture, flying cars and robotics.

The entrepreneurial initiative and the ecosystem of innovation and start-ups in Israel continues to be strong. Since its impetus in the 90s following the arrival of hundreds of thousands of Jewish immigrants from communist countries, especially the former Soviet Union, and the implementation of government plans to promote technology and R + D + i and, in a very special way, venture capital, have been on the rise, although they have had to overcome the odd blip that put the strength of this system to the test. Yozma was the trigger for this boom. "The spark that caught everything", as they say in these lands of middle East. The great engine that made the seed that began to be planted since the founding of the State of Israel, even before, sprout with great vigor and had an impact throughout the world.

Today, just 27 years later, this small country, with a population of just over 8.7 million inhabitants, has some 5,000 registered start-ups and is the technology and innovation provider of the leading multinationals. Any name that comes to mind – Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Intel, Oracle, Toyota, eBay, PayPal … – has been a "partner" of these emerging companies or, in a few cases, has acquired some of them. In 2018, the Israeli schools raised, according to unofficial estimates, more than 6,500 million dollars. It is the third country after the United States and China, in number of companies listed on the Nasdaq, and one of the world leaders in "venture capital". The framework developed in recent times favors it: universities that are among the best in the global ranking, centers of knowledge, a technology center comparable to MIT -Technion-, a close relationship between society and the productive apparatus, a strong internationalization, a firm commitment by the authorities with contributions of up to 85%, even in the case of lost funds in certain circumstances, and an eagerness to build Israel generating wealth.

The president of OurCrowd Spain, David Hatcwell, who is also in charge of the Jewish Community in our country, said that "the same push by society to promote an entrepreneurial environment has played a role in the public sector. The Administration has made courageous decisions that have also encouraged it. The differentiating value with respect to the governments of other countries is that their level of risk-taking is much higher, regardless of political criticism. "

One of the great drivers of this environment is, without a doubt, Jon Medved, CEO and founder of OurCrowd. He maintains that with these investments a double objective is achieved: to earn money and do good by improving the quality of life of citizens. In this context, there is room for the concept of "profitable patriotism", to favor the development and consolidation of the country while investors and entrepreneurs obtain personal benefits.

The Medved global platform is a leader in venture capital investments in Israel. Yesterday, he announced that "in just six years" he has already reached the American trillion, one billion dollars, of investment for 170 companies, most of them Israeli, but also American, Australian and Asian, and 18 funds. "We have achieved this goal by building a model for the investment community that democratizes access to incredible companies." He added that "the synergies that we have created among investors, companies and funds has allowed us to play a transcendental role in the projection of Israel as a world leader in innovation and technology.

Its network is made up of more than 30,000 registered investors from 150 countries, although the main base continues to originate in the United States, followed by Asia. The average number of investments made by individuals was seven with a portfolio of more than $ 350,000. "The 'start-ups' do not just need money; also contacts, expert advisors, mentors and opportunities that we provide through our alliance with strategic multinationals, "adds Medved.

Throughout 2018, OurCrowd has bet on 24 companies from very diverse sectors -medicine, urban mobility, food, cybersecurity, "big data" or agriculture, among many others. It has also released 29 that have been acquired by giants such as Samsung, Check Point Software, Canon, Nike, Uber, Continental AG, Comcast, Teradata, Snap, Intel, Oracle or Viber.

OurCrowd has an office in Spain since October 2017. It has already achieved a small volume of capital that, according to Hatchwell, "will grow gradually", while it is studying Spanish companies for which it could bet the platform of Jon Medved


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