July 12, 2020

The tool that allows ‘jailbreak’ in all versions of iOS – La Provincia

The group of ‘hackers’ Unc0ver has published a tool that allowsjailbreak all versions of the mobile operating systemiOSfrom 11 to the latest 13.5, based on a vulnerability not known to the company.

The ‘jailbreak’ process allows you to break some of the limitations of the operating system through a modified ‘kernel’ in order toaccess full system control, which can affect the security of the device.Manzanaput measures to the use of tools of ‘jailbreak’ with iOS9, when it introduced the functionality ‘rootless’.

Unc0ver has explained to Wired that its tooldoes not prevent the use of official Apple services such as iCloud, Apple Pay or iMessageand that it does not affect the privacy of the user or the security of the device.

They also point out that their tool is based on a zero-day vulnerability located in the iOS kernel, whichThe company has not been notified and it does not have a patch to correct it.. The availability of a patch will depend on how long Apple takes to identify the vulnerability.

In this case,the tool can be usedin versions from iOS 11 to 13.5, which Apple recently distributed.


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