July 29, 2021

The “tongo” that allowed Pablo Díaz to take the Pasapalabra donut

Pablo Diaz got become one of the most popular contestants from Pass word. The Technicians from the Ministry of Finance (Gestha) they estimate that the canary, the winner of the 1,828,000 euro jackpot from the television show ‘Pass word‘, you will have to pay 870,125 euros in your next statement of income for having been awarded said award.

The Antena 3 contest currently does not have a “magnificent” as they do have other formats such as “Know and win” but it does have a large cast of winners who, in fact, are even friends and meet periodically. The fact that they are so well known has made many become true claims.

So much so that Telecinco noticed the contest and bought it and began broadcasting after Sálvame and before its nightly newscast. However, a demand from the production company that has the rights to broadcast this format at an international level meant that the main Mediaset chain had to stop broadcasting Pasapalabra several months ago. The contest went into a “contest” never better said and it was Atresmedia that took over the rights.

The play went well for Antena 3 for two reasons: the first because thanks to this program it can boast of having made audience records (In fact, in January he was about to win the battle against Telecinco for audience after almost two years of Mediaset’s reign). But the importance of Pasapalabra goes beyond And is that the contest is broadcast just a few minutes before the evening news. And all the networks want audience leadership in that segment to be able to boast that their news programs are the most viewed.

Pablo Díaz’s “tongo” in Pasapalabra

But it doesn’t always rain to everyone’s liking. Not much less. And if not they tell Pablo Díaz. There were many viewers who over the last few months denounced over and over again that there had been “a clear tongo” in the attitude of the program with the young man: gave audience and therefore kept it. The truth is that reality seems to be, at least in part, right: the fformat has partially dropped in audience.

In fact, some already assure that in the future it may be that Pasapalabra return to catch Orestes, one of the most beloved who never got to win the jackpot.

You can’t do this, it’s the rules of thumb.and Pass word, nor had never happened “, assured Roberto Leal when he was forced to punish Javier for cheating never before seen in the contest.

The test Where are they? it was going normally: the participant, Ana Torroja and Leo Harlem were trying to guess the nine words hidden in the boxes until it was Javier’s turn with 13 seconds ahead.

Javier answered all the questions until there were 4 words and four seconds left to discover them. He chose to keep quiet during the remaining time.

The comment to Ana Torroja

Before the expression of Ana Torroja, the contestant went to her to clarify: “Better because that is how we tied. If he had failed he would have lost every second.”

But not only did the singer hear it, it was also heard by the Pasapalabra organization, which warned the presenter to intervene: “It really would have been five hits, but I have to give you the last one as an error because something just happened, it took you more than four seconds to respond“explained Roberto Leal.


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