November 27, 2020

The Toledo Pact supports the recommendations for the pension reform with the only vote against Vox

Political majority on pensions. Also, very wide. Most of the parliamentary groups have endorsed this Tuesday the 22 recommendations of the Toledo Pact for the future of the public pension system in this parliamentary commission, created in 1995 to remove the livelihoods of millions of people from the political struggle. Although the Toledo Pact report will be submitted to the Plenary of Congress in the coming weeks, the parties have raised their letters this Tuesday with great support for the work of the commission: they have voted yes, in addition to the Government parties (PSOE and United Podemos), Partido Popular, Ciudadanos, PNV, Junts Per Catalunya and Coalición Canaria. Two pro-independence parties, EH Bildu and ERC, have finally opted for abstention due to their differences with the final result, although they have recognized many advances in the text. Finally, the extreme right-wing of Vox has been the only one that has opted for the ‘no’ to the recommendations and that has questioned the sustainability of the public pension system.

The Toledo Pact closes its recommendations that call for guaranteeing by law the purchasing power of pensioners

The Toledo Pact closes its recommendations that call for guaranteeing by law the purchasing power of pensioners

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The final balance has been “30 votes in favor, five recommendations and two abstentions”, has summarized the current president of the Toledo Pact, Magdalena Valerio, the former Minister of Labor with the previous Executive of the PSOE. After that, a loud applause from the commission’s parliamentarians has put an end to almost five years of work within the Toledo Pact until an agreement is reached on the future of public pensions, which will serve as the basis for the reform that It intends to approve the coalition government, which is now in the hands of Minister José Luis Escrivá.

The person in charge of Social Security has already started a social dialogue with the unions and employers to undertake these changes in the pension system, which include the revaluation of pensions “based on the real CPI” to avoid the loss of purchasing power of pensioners, as well as encouraging the retirement age to approach the legal retirement age, for which Minister Escrivá proposes promoting the prolongation of working life beyond the retirement age and discouraging voluntary early retirement.

The thanks and acknowledgments to the work carried out in the Toledo Pact have starred in the general tone of the commission held this morning. Many of them addressed to the current president, Magdalena Valerio, for her work to facilitate the agreement and reduce tensions between the different parties, but also to all the deputies who have been part of the commission in recent years, such as former president Celia Villalobos, and especially parliamentarians with an important role in the Toledo Pact, such as Carles Campuzano, from PDeCAT. In addition, all the groups have insistently highlighted the role of the Toledo Pact lawyer, Ignacio Gutiérrez Cassillas, for his “patience” and his work in favor of the agreement.


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