The Tokyo Game Show video game fair will be held “online” by COVID-19

The video game fair Tokyo Game Show, the largest in Asia and one of the most important in the industry worldwide, will hold its 2020 edition in digital format due to the coronavirus pandemic, organizers announced Friday.

The event will keep its dates from September 24 to 27 and will take place online, although the Organization of Computer Entertainment Providers (CESA), the main organizer, has not yet offered more details about it.

“Due to the outbreak of the new coronavirus on a global scale and the situation remains unpredictable in Japan as well, (…) we have made this decision after lengthy deliberations to prioritize the health and safety of visitors, exhibitors and others interested, “CESA explained in a statement.

This announcement comes shortly after another of the largest fairs in the world, the gamescom in Cologne (Germany), scheduled for August 25 to 29, announced this April that it is also going to the “online” format, after the German government decision to cancel all mass events until August 31.

Also the E3 fair in Los Angeles (USA), the largest in the world and scheduled to take place from June 9 to 11, announced in March its cancellation, when the spread of the virus was accentuated and shortly before the disease COVID-19 was declared a pandemic.

The organizers of the event then pointed out, however, that they were exploring options “to coordinate an online experience to show announcements and news from the industry in June”, so the US event could finally opt for a format similar to the one that has been added the Japanese and the German.

The SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus has so far left nearly 3.5 million affected and more than 250,000 deaths worldwide.


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