The 'Tmara' dissipates doubts - La Provincia

The Tamaraceite drove away the ghosts of worry with a comfortable victory over the Union Port. The grancanarians asserted their status as favorites to subdue their adversaries. From the first time they left the work of Juan Guedes on track thanks to the goals of Asdrúbal and Alejandro. The account would close it, at the end of the game, Aythami Alvarez

The duel for local interests could not begin better. It was 4 minutes when López Silva precisely combined with Jordan. He controlled inside the area and, after dribbling at Paquito, gave the leather to Asdrúbal. The former Sports Union only had to push the ball to the bottom of the net.

After several exchanges of blows, the Tamaraceite doubled distances to the edge of rest. López Silva perfectly executed a corner kick to the second post. There emerged the figure of Alejandro, who connected an unstoppable header and widened differences in the light.

After passing through changing rooms, the dynamics were slightly altered. The Tamaraceite continued with a slight dominance, but without reaching so much to the arch of Paquito. Ten minutes from the end, Aythami Álvares received the space to put the final 3-0 to dispel doubts in the Támara.


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