The timple masters of yesterday and today meet at the Pérez Galdós

The timplistas Benito Cabrera, Domingo Rodríguez El Colorao, Germán López, Yone Rodríguez and Althay Páez star in the relay of the first original meeting, Timples @ 2000, in the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium, in which the first two participated together with the late José Antonio Ramos, with his three future disciples rapt in the stalls, just 14 years old.

Under the artistic direction of the musicians José Brito and Miguel Ramírez, also as musical director and producer, respectively, with the musical co-direction of guitarist Yul Ballesteros, Timples @ 2021 brings together this intergenerational lineup of five stars from different islands, with their different styles and languages ​​within a common language.

Covered by a band composed of a score of musicians, the score fuses popular tradition with jazzy and contemporary airs through a selection of pieces composed by the five timplists and as many by Ballesteros, who in turn is responsible for the arrangements together. with the musicians Manuel Bonino, Carlos Vega and Brito himself.

In the words of the latter, this sound encounter results in "a polystyrene where everyone has a stick because, although it is the same instrument, they all have different ways of understanding folklore." "That is why the range that they are going to show us is so rich, which defines very much that hodgepodge and that crossroads of cultures that make up Canariety", points out Brito, who celebrates the meeting of "these five titans, jewels of Canarian music, that, wherever they tear, they generate a circle of movement with an expansive wave that reaches the entire Canarian society and the rest of the world ».

The musicians José Brito and Miguel Ramírez direct this show together with Yul Ballesteros


Since the veteran of a lifetime dedicated to timple, Benito Cabrera said yesterday that "in his only reference to timple, Galdós spoke of the prosaic timple, alluding to its popular character, but many timplists have insisted that it was something more." "José Antonio, Domingo and I put all the meat on the grill because the timple was a mediating instrument of ecumenical canariety, modern and open to the world," he explained. "And where we understood that competing was a waste of time and that we had to come together to recognize each other in our differences and create projects together, which was the most enriching way for the timple to grow."

Along these lines, Germán López declared that "what we feel for the timple is largely due to the work they have done." "So this event is a gift," he says. He is subscribed by Yone Rodríguez, who confessed yesterday that «Timples @ 2000 is one of the reasons why today I am a timplista, because at only 12 years old, sitting in the second row of the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium and seeing the three of them be one, I told myself : There is something really great here.

However, Ramírez advanced that the project is already "in talks with the rest of the islands" to undertake a tour of the rest of the Archipelago, in principle, in the last quarter of the year. For now, tickets for this event in the capital of Gran Canaria can now be purchased, at the price of 25 euros, on the website


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