Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

The 'Times' and the 'Journal', awarded for investigating Trump

El ‘Times’ y el ‘Journal’, premiados por investigar a Trump

More or less happened at the same time. One of those coincidences charged by the devil.

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The American president Donald Trump It was ripped off in Burnsville (Minnesota) with a speech in which it attacked the "New York Times fake." And after disqualifying him as a fake news paper, Trump insisted that "nothing good comes from the New York Times"

However, in a moment of parallel action, at Columbia University, in Manhattan, the Pulitzer prizes, the most prestigious that are granted to the media in U.S.

Parkland College and Pittsburgh synagogue coverage awards

One of the most important recognitions, that of explanatory reporting, fell on The New York Times. Why business? Yes, for the work that David Barstow, Susanne Craig and Russ Buettner did, who spent 18 months investigating the finances of Donald Trump.

His inquiries discredited another of his lies. Trump is not a self-made man, but his empire was forged from his father's money and the legal pitfalls for not paying taxes.

This is not everything. The Trumpeter Trump already allowed last year to the New York head known as affectionately as The Gray Lady, the lady in gray, take a Pulitzer, along with The Washington Post, for the information about Russian interference in the Trump campaign, in the presidential elections of 2016. In this new edition, the shady issues linked to the president continue to pay off, even to a friendly newspaper like The Wall Street Journal, which often seeks the friendly face of the news.

His editor is his close friend Rupert Murdoch, but this does not mean that the Journal took yesterday the Pulitzer in the facet of national reporting. The prize distinguishes the work of the team of journalists who unveiled the plot set by Trump, his lawyer and a network of collaborators to pay two lovers - one porn actress and another, a Playboy girl - to shut up and not reveal before the choices he had had sex with them.

There are still some more distinctions that relate to the current tenant of the White House. Carlos Lozada was awarded the Critic Pulitzer for his analyzes in The Washigton Post about Trump's interiors and the cultural environment he has fostered. In this same header the vignettes of the freelance Darrin Bell were published. "His beautiful and daring drawings investigate issues that affect marginalized communities, highlighting the lies, hypocrisy and fraud in the political disorder surrounding the Trump administration," the jury said.

This situation is also reflected in the articles in the Brent Staples Times, Pulitzer in the editorial section, focused polarization in this country.

Two other awards praise the work done by two newspapers against the armed epidemic in the United States. The South Florida Sun Sentinel receives the public service award for its coverage of the killing at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Highs School in Parkland. The breaking news distinction corresponds to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazzette for the massacre at the Tree of Life synagogue in that city of Pennsylvania.

The Los Angeles Times received the award for investigative reporting for work on the gynecologist accused of raping hundreds of women.

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