‘The time I give you’, the pain of a breakup delivered in small doses

Nadia de Santiago and Álvaro Cervntes, as Lina and Nico, in the series ‘El tiempo que te day’ (Netflix).

A sentimental breakLike any other type of grief, it goes through many states: denial, anger, negotiation and depression, until it reaches acceptance. And through all stages it passes Lina (Nadia de Santiago) when your relationship with Nico (Álvaro Cervantes), the protagonists of the series ‘The time that I give you’. And that is what the 10 chapters of 11 minutes in length tell, which make this fiction the first original short format of Netflix. The platform premieres them this Friday, 29.

Likewise, another feature that makes it different is that it presents a original narrative structure. Thus, in each chapter it is dedicated one minute less to the past, that time that goes between the happiest moments of the relationship (when they met and started a life together) to when things started to not go well, which leads them to put an end to it. AND 60 seconds more to the present, in which she lives, already in solitude ,. all those states. Until it seems that he manages to overcome it. Or not.

Types of consumption

The actress of ‘Las chicas del cable’, creator of the series –who received the commission for her experience in short films and got down to work with the scriptwriters Inés Pintor and Pablo Santidrián- value the short duration of chapters to facilitate its consumption: “Our rhythms of life demand it. And then, if you want, you can watch it like a movie, because it lasts 1 hour 40 minutes, with which you can do a marathon ”, he warns.

For his part, the actor who played to ‘Carlos, King Emperor’ he felt trapped from minute one by that way of telling the story. “I especially loved the promise of present and memory minutes that each chapter has. Already is a hook for the viewer, because he wants to know more ”, he assures.

Intimacy and naturalness

The fiction, a production of Corte y Confeción for Netflix, reaches such point of intimacy that the viewer sometimes feels that he is watching the couple through a crack in their room. His narrative is built through dialogues that perfectly reflect the feelings they have towards the other, but also of silences and looks that say it all. “For us the body was very important, which is not said. Because the word can go one way, but many times the body has the truth and what you try to cover up sometimes he tells you “, explains the actress. “We have all worked on it in the sense that if you wanted to build that relationship, that intimacy, it would be done through those little moments.”

Naturalness in the interpretations, in the dialogues and in the aesthetics (both makeup and costumes) is another of the features of fiction, which avoids at all times falling into bombast: “I wanted everything to be very direct, raw, naked, honest, intimate. I did not want artifice ”, asserts the actress. And he has succeeded. A story so real that all the Linas and all the Nicos who have lived the same experience in their past will be identified in it.

We said that the break was over or not, because the end is open. Which leads to not ruling out a second season.


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