The time has come for a Tour of Spain for women | sports

The time has come for a Tour of Spain for women | sports

We, the girls who have fought so hard to dedicate our lives to sports, each with different stories behind us, are very satisfied with the great movement and progress that is taking place in women's sport, and especially in cycling.

In my case, although somewhat larger, I have arrived at the right time to enjoy living these impressive changes of which we are not yet aware nor ourselves, and that was so necessary for a long time.

We have the help of people, entities and organizations, who are doing everything on their part to keep us moving forward. This next year we will be able to enjoy some more competitions in the national and international calendar, and also with more mileage. But, eye, we want more. We want to go far and this now should not and can not stop, much less back, especially for all those girls who now begin to have referents in us, so they can have illusions and dream of something great. And …, why not, with a Vuelta a España!

We are aware that it is not easy and everything that involves such an action, but it is necessary to have a great feminine return in stages in our country. You could always take advantage of some resources of the male return and perform it on the same dates. His organization took a big step by adding a girls' race on the last day of the Vuelta, which later increased to two. For the next year there is the intention to add a third stage. All this is to be grateful, but in this historical moment of momentum of the feminine sport we need something more.

It's easy to ask for more, yes. But we are not going to disappoint, we have a lot to fight, demonstrating what we are also capable of doing. This evolution has been demonstrated this year in the great change carried out by all the girls for whom Telefonica – Movistar bet, giving the female team the necessary means to be professional, moving away from the macho topics, so that there are no people who have not yet take it seriously That is the way to stop celebrating "woman's days" … because it will not be necessary anymore.

In the last five years the practice of sport in women has increased by 13%, and every day we are more fortunate that we dedicate ourselves to it professionally. This data calls for hope, but it must have continuity. We must take advantage of this momentum and this opportunity to strengthen and fulfill our objectives. One of them should be the aforementioned Grand Tour of Spain for women. From here I appeal to those people who can help us to carry it out, and finally we can start to climb the same scenarios as them … If we are united, I know we will achieve it! And I'm sure because in my case I've been achieving my goals step by step, until I came to realize what seemed practically impossible.

For this and much more, I think the time has come.

Mavi García is a professional cyclist from Movistar.

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