The tide of the HPS San Silvestre floods the city – The Province

The tide of the HPS San Silvestre floods the city - The Province

The last day of 2018 has arrived and with it the seventeenth edition of a test that keeps growing. With a total of 12,001 registered the HPS San Silvestre is consolidated as the third most end of year test, after Madrid and Valencia, of the more than 200 that are celebrated in all Spain.

An authentic human tide today floods the streets of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to leave one of the most iconic images of the end of the year. The most spring-like San Silvestre in Europe gives the kick-off with lots of color and good humor in what is a different and healthy way to start the end of the year, contributing also to social projects, to which the full amount of your inscriptions.

The Spanish Association Against Cancer, Spanish Commission for Refugee Aid, Doctors of the World, Children's Villages, Alejandro Da Foundation Silva, UNICEF and Red Cross will all receive a contribution of 84,000 euros thanks to this large participation. A bone marrow donation campaign driven by Perpetuo Socorro Hospital, the main sponsor of the trial and responsible for the health coverage of the same, which includes a journey of more than 100 kilometers through different points, has been joined to these solidarity objectives this year. of Gran Canaria by Marcos Yánez, who will conclude the race.

More than 500 people, among volunteers coordinated by the Trican Sports Club; municipal security, mobility and cleaning staff; Civil Protection and health personnel of Hospital Perpetuo Socorro will collaborate so that the test is a success.

The party will start at 3:00 pm with music to liven up the start of the celebration. For the youngest ones, it starts at 3.45 pm with a solidary warm up with clowns who will accompany them at 4:00 pm in the race until they complete the route and go to the end of the Parque Romano area and be picked up by the authorized persons. The children's circuit, 600 meters, has 847 registered.

At 16.45 hours the placement of the 11,156 adult participants will start by boxes and at least five will come the moment of solidary warm-up by Macrofit. At 5:00 pm the reign of a San Silvestre will start, which will be broadcast live on Televisión Canaria. Later, the Duke's band will liven up the party until its end.

The exit and finish will be located in León y Castillo street, at the height of the Romano Park, with a detour to the left along Juan XXIII street, located just after the exit, after which you continue on the right. Luis Doreste Silva in the opposite direction.

The race will continue through Venegas and Rafael Cabrera, turning right in the opposite direction on the Carretera del Centro (GC-110), at the height of Obispo Codina you will enter Juan de Quesada street. Then turn right at the height of Juan de Quesada, 11, to exit to the Carretera del Centro (GC-110) again in the direction of circulation at the height of Bishop Codina with Calle Muro and will go to the Carretera del Centro in the direction opposite passing in front of Plaza Hurtado de Mendoza to continue along Lentini Street, turning left to continue through Rafael de Cabrera south direction in front of the Pérez Galdós Theater, continue to the left by Miguel de Cervantes and Calle Losero turning right to continue along Francisco Gourié and again on the left, take Calle Triana. Finally, it will continue throughout León and Castillo until reaching the finish line in a straight line.


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