The throw in the foot of Disney with "And, the last man"

Still from the first season of Y, the last man. / INFORMATION

Overnight and by surprise, Disney He has drawn the ax and struck down one of the series with which he aspired to stand up to the competitor's platforms. Without having finished the broadcast of the first season and while it continues to be broadcast week by week, "Y. The last man" has been canceled. It aspired to become one of the series of the year, but its premature cancellation has brought it down to the hell of great failures. And that it had everything to destroy. But it has not been that way. With three episodes to go from the end of its first season, it is history. And after what has happened, I am not very clear if there will be a lot of public interested in seeing what remains. It was quite a shot in the foot because any attempt to attract new viewers has gone as if they were flushing the toilet. However, his current showrunner, Eliza clark, does not give up and looks for a new home to continue the story. And eyes are now on HBO Max.

The mouse platform had been reaping success after success with both its Marvel titles and its extensions of the Star Wars universe. The purchase of Fox added a wide range to its catalog, with the incorporation of all its series and the platform Hulu (The person in charge of The Handmaid's Tale). In the pack came this adaptation of "Y. The last man" that had been stumbling around since 2015. The series is based on a comic from the line of comics for adults by DC, baptized as Vertigo, written by Brian K. Vaughan and drawn by Pia Guerra and published between 2002 and 2008. The plot took us to a post-apocalyptic world where a mysterious virus had made all men on Earth disappear. Only women were left to try to rebuild civilization. But not all the men died. There is a single survivor and that becomes the key piece to know the causes of the mysterious pandemic and the continuity of the human species. Yorick becomes a kind of treasure or piece to be captured for the different factions of this new world. With such a plot, Hulu had in its hands material to tell us about a new dystopia destined to become a successor to The Walking Dead or The Handmaid's Tale. Seeing how these other two series are doing lately, maybe he should have looked for other references.

The project seemed to be gagged from the beginning, since a few years passed between the struggle for the rights, the tensions due to the creative differences where several scriptwriters entered and left to cement the project. And when everything was ready to begin filming, the pandemic of the covid and the paralysis of everything because of the confinement. Hollywood Reporter reported this week that behind the cancellation was that on October 15 the contracts of the distribution ended. During the months of the restrictions, they had been renewed without major problem. But this new firm was going to increase production costs by three million dollars. The executives have done their numbers and have decided that they are not interested in continuing with the series. It does not matter that the season is not over, or the money spent on the intense advertising campaign. The numbers do not come out and the time has come to lower the curtain. With the same forcefulness with which that strange plague acts that in fiction eliminates all people with the Y chromosome.

Although no one escapes the fact that another reason may be that the impact of the series has been much more limited than expected. It had good reviews, it had a good production ... It was liked but not passionate. At this point, does anyone doubt that if The Squid Game were to be renewed for a second season, team salaries would be a problem? The problem is that the series was missing something. The scene of the outbreak of the plague is shocking and engaging, but as the episodes progress, the narrative is somewhat flat and the interest wanes. Perhaps it is due to that mania that some series have of keeping those script bombings as if they were their treasures to release them at a strategically chosen moment, forgetting that they need something more for the road. Sow the seeds so that the viewer wants to continue the journey and has the patience to endure until that moment arrives. Although this was something that could have been corrected at any time, rather than cutting their losses. There were many interesting ideas in a series directed mainly by women to tell us about a world where the male gender disappeared.

On the other side of the coin, this week the first season of Only murders in the building And without eating or drinking it, it has become one of the platform's bombs this fall. It may be for a generation the series of Selena Gomez, but for the older ones it is that of Steve Martin and Martin Short. The two actors are a benchmark in the American comedy of the 80s and part of the 90s and they reunite their talents. The death of a tenant in an exclusive Manhattan building brings together three very different characters to investigate the mystery behind this case, which was hastily closed by the police as a suicide. Three losers who seek to purge their own inner demons through these inquiries. Week by week, he has managed to win over his audience and attract new viewers, combining comedy and the crime genre. To the point that it has already managed to be renewed for a second season. Throughout its ten episodes it has had a cast of luxury secondary, among which is Sting interpreting himself. The series plays with the most familiar topics of the police genre to, when it seems that everything is headed in one direction, take a new turn and disorganize the pieces on the board. Half-hour episodes with the purpose of offering healthy entertainment. There is even room for innovation with a practically silent episode (the seventh), in which the focus is placed on one of its characters who suffers from deafness.


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