The Three Kings exist

The Three Kings exist

A father, a journalist by profession, has created a website that provides keys and evidence about the Magi to justify their existence after his daughter told him a year ago that a teacher from the school in Madrid where he studied had told him that behind that belief were the parents.

It all started last year when her 10-year-old daughter told her that a teacher told her that it was the parents who made that miracle possible. Gabriel Cruz, who is the father's name, denied him such an extreme.

But her daughter insisted and asked her to check with Google to make sure her father's words. "That's when I get a disappointment." Soon after writing in the search engine: the wise men exist, the first entries that appear refer to "How to tell the children that the Magi do not exist" and headlines of that type ", has explained to Europa Press.

"Immediately I closed the computer without my daughter having time to see anything, I told her that the computer was just broken, that same night, against the clock and in secret, I started to design, without having any idea of ​​how it was done, a web" says the father. The next day he showed his little girl the page that convinced her to recover the illusion for that special moment.

This journalist considers that the tablets and smartphone in the hands of only one child are finishing "in a stroke and in solitude with the greatest illusion you have when you are little": the arrival of the Magi.

In fact, a year ago, he contacted Google Spain to express how sad it was that all the entries in his search engine when he asked about the existence of the Magi were denying their existence.

"Any other news, however false and dangerous it is from those who support pseudotherapies and who vaccinate is bad to the most absurd as those who claim that aliens live among us enjoy greater priority and credibility in Google searches," he says. the journalist used to dealing with the 'fake news'.

Because began the collection of evidence of the existence of the Magi to show that precisely the "false news" is to doubt them. In this way, it tries to counteract the information against its existence.

In fact, its website includes reports on how the distribution of gifts is made, information about its history and news documented by interviews with agents of the National Police on how they protect security so that there will be no incidents during the distribution of toys. .

"Also in honor of the truth, several myths are dismantled, for example, that of the distribution of camels, so I have been able to find out these animals are used only in gala parades or in special deliveries. they make an infinite number of pages, with a logistics technology that multinationals would like to sell online, "he explains.

"We also discover how Your Majesties know today how children have behaved thanks to big data, etc.", says the creator of this website.

In turn, on the web reveals little-known historical data that everyone can easily check and that support the tradition of their Majesties the Magi of the East.

The most outstanding is the map of Juan de la Cosa, from the year 1500, the first in the world in which the American continent is represented. This map is kept in the Naval Museum of Madrid and in its eastern part you can distinguish the figure of the Three Wise Men.

Thus, little by little it adds tests and explanations that will come very well to many parents to justify the real existence of the Magi from the East.


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