April 19, 2021

The threats of a member of the "tarabito" clan to a member of the Civil Guard

The threats of a member of the "tarabito" clan to a member of the Civil Guard

"You do not get home today. The Carretera del Carpio when you leave will be your grave. " This was one of the threats that one of the members of the "tarabito" clan sent to a civil guard after trying to assault him several times in the barracks of Bujalance (Córdóba), as this newspaper could have known.

It is the same individual who months ago was released with charges after going to a barracks with an ax. Once outside, S. L. M, began to threaten the agent shouting that "the road of Carpio when you go is going to be your grave. Today I wait for you when you leave. 15 shots I'm going to hit you with the gun I have. If I do not take you (I know) I will do it to your wife (also from Benemérita) and I fuck her. But today you do not come home alive. Come to the neighborhood or to my house that I wait for you, to see if you pass another see, it will be the last one ". These were some of the serious threats that S. L. M. shouted at the agent. The circumstance occurs that this individual was already arrested in May 2018 in the framework of an anti-drug operation in the aforementioned locale, after which he has starred in several violent episodes such as the aforementioned ax.

For these facts, from the Spanish Association of the Civil Guard (AEGC) explained the boredom of the agents, tired of the slowness of justice and the impunity with which these individuals act suggests that they are untouchable. "We do not understand how this individual who was arrested in December after the ax incident and is awaiting a trial for drug trafficking was released on the same day. We do not understand, after the long history of threats to the agents they have, how justice has not yet acted against him. The threats of this delinquent are not false and, as we are checking, are increasing. " Therefore, from AEGC request that this impunity be ended


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