The third edition of the 'Liga Canaria de Esports Hiperdino' closes its first stage with 3,700 new 'gamers'

The third edition of the 'Liga Canaria de Esports Hiperdino' closes its first stage with 3,700 new 'gamers'

The third edition of the 'Liga Canaria de Esports Hiperdino' closes its first stage with 3,700 new 'gamers'

The third edition of the Canarian League of Esports HiperDino, The circuit gaming The Canary Islands benchmark powered by HiperDino, has 3,700 new users at the close of the first stage of activity of this edition. In total, 14,989 active users have been reached and there are 18,153 people registered since the League started. This means that 82.57% participate actively during this season.

A two-day event in online format, to comply with sanitary measures, marked the end of the first split bimonthly.

The finals of the division League of Legends, one of the most outstanding competitions, took place on January 23 and 24, concluding with the team's victory LFT for Club.

From the set of LCES Created by the company Alonso & Alonso, the presenters and commentators broadcast the sessions, while the players participated remotely from their homes. Both days could be followed live through the League Twitch channel.

The first stage of the third edition of the League was closed after 91 competitions and online activities were played, approximately a third of the more than 300 that are planned to take place throughout this third season.

More activity for the next few months

Since last February 1, the activity of the second competitive period of this season has been officially developed: the split 2. A new two-month stage in which more tournaments, activities, and access divisions for long-term leagues will be incorporated, thus expanding the offer given to users of the platform.

During the coming months, we will continue betting on online chess and on the variety in the production of live audiovisual content. The latter, from the hand of creators such as the comedian Kike Pérez, the former professional player Yeray DriD González, the pro player José Daniel Melkor González, the journalist Karen Karen morhen Hernandez, the SimRacer Bernard iroNBiN Coello, the streamer and psychologist Isana Naradiel Sánchez and the influencer Cesar April.

As part of the offer, the League has its own server RUST, one of the most popular games of the moment. It is a private space where influencers and invited players can interact with each other and with the resources that this survival game offers. The development of the participants and their characters, as well as the anecdotes of this new virtual world, will be followed in

At the same time, new tournaments will be launched every week and the system of crowdgaming, a way for users to offer a feedback direct and constant to the organization of the League.

Registrations for the first competitions, which include games such as League of Legends, Fortnite, Clash Royale, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Brawl stars, Pokémon Showdown, Street fighter v, Rocket league Y Call of Duty: Mobile, among others.

About the League

The Canarian League of Esports HiperDino is an initiative promoted by the HiperDino company, which aims to satisfy the needs of gamers in the Archipelago and promote a leisure alternative for residents of the Canary Islands with which, in addition, skills such as teamwork, coordination or concentration.

Its first season closed with more than 4,400 players and 72 activities held. Already in its second edition, which ended in July 2020, it generated triple the number of competitions and exceeded 15,000 registered users during its summer campaign, the Summer Series, which was held between August and September of last year.

People interested in participating can register and obtain more information on the website of the League: In addition, all the activity of the League can be followed on social networks, through hashtag #LigaCanariaHD.


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