December 3, 2020

The third degree is not release, it is a way to serve the sentence

The Catalan Minister of Justice, Ester Capella, has affirmed this Friday that the third degree to the prisoners of the ‘procés’ is a “formula to serve the sentence according to the law”, not freedom or their release, and has demanded the Supreme that applies the “reason of the law” if the Office of the Prosecutor appeals.

The treatment boards of the Lledoners, Wad-Ras and Puig de les Basses prisons unanimously proposed yesterday to grant the third degree to the nine imprisoned pro-independence leaders, so that in principle they would only have to go to the penitentiary center to sleep between week.

Now, the proposal of the treatment boards must be ratified within a maximum period of two months by the Ministry of Criminal Measures, Reintegration and Attention to the Victim to become effective.

In statements to TV3 and Catalunya Ràdio, the minister stressed that the granting of the third degree of prison does not mean freedom or an “release”, but is a “way” and a “formula” to comply with the sentences, provided for in the Law Organic Penitentiary.

In addition, it has indicated that, according to the law, the granting of the third degree is not conditioned on the duration of the sentences, but on the “conduct, will and commitment” of the prisoners: “It cannot be maintained at a degree to a prisoner when he is capable of being in a higher grade, “argued Capella.

The consellera, on the other hand, sees “probable” and “foreseeable” that the Prosecutor’s Office will appeal the concession of the third degree, since up to now “everything has been appealed -permits and 100.2-, in which case the Supreme Court would be the who would have the last word.

Given this possibility, Capella has demanded that the Supreme Court apply the “reason of the law”, since otherwise, he added, it would put “the rule of law at risk for the umpteenth time.”

“What I demand is that the court ignore the people and not think” of the positions held by the leaders of the ‘process’, he stressed.

As for whether he will appear in Parliament as Citizens has asked, he explained that he will do it “willingly”: “I will explain everything in a transparent way, we are transparent, we have nothing to hide, we do it according to the law,” he said. .


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