The thermometer gives a slight breather to pick up again the weekend

The month of July has started with a "slight and temporary relief" from the temperatures, after a late June with very high maximums, but the "intense heat of mid-summer" will return at the weekend, in which the thermometers will collect even values ​​between 5 and 7 degrees above normal for the time.

Rubén del Campo, spokesman for the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet), has pointed out that this suffocating heat "could have continuity throughout the month of July, when the monthly forecast models show temperatures above normal, especially in both Castillas, Extremadura, Madrid and Andalusia ".

On Tuesday, the last day of June, very high values ​​were recorded in much of the peninsula, with maximums of 41 degrees in Villarobledo (Albacete), 40.4 in Montoro (Córdoba) or 40 degrees in the city of Toledo.

Today, Wednesday, thermometers register a slight general decrease, except in the regions bathed by the Mediterranean, especially southern Andalusia, where they "rise quite a bit".

In fact, while temperatures in the northern third will drop to 5 degrees this Wednesday compared to the previous day, they will rise to 10 degrees in points in the Valencian Community, the Region of Murcia and southern Andalusia, and in the interior of these regions they will be around 40 degrees, stressed the spokesman for the Aemet.

Temperatures in Mallorca are also rebounding today, with more than 35 degrees inland, as well as in most of the center and south of the peninsula.

On Thursday and Friday "thermometers will continue to drop in a large part of Spain and the heat so intense in the Mediterranean area will subside in part," said Rubén del Campo.

Thus, on Friday they will only exceed 35 degrees in points of Extremadura, Andalusia and the Region of Murcia and there will be storms in some areas of the eastern peninsula, locally strong in the area of ​​the Catalan Pyrenees and around the Iberian System.

"On the weekend, temperatures will rise again between 5 and 10 degrees depending on the area, up to 35 in wide inland areas and 40 in the Guadalquivir valley, and the mornings will also be hot, with tropical nights on the banks of the Mediterranean, Ebro basin, center and south of the Peninsula ", Del Campo has indicated.

Thus, on Sunday the thermometer will record daytime values ​​between 5 and 7 degrees above normal and nighttime values ​​up to 5 above normal in the south-west of the peninsula.

"This heat situation will continue at the beginning of next week -although with a somewhat cooler environment in the northern third- in much of the country, where it will reach 34-36 degrees and will be around 40 in the valleys of the Tagus, Guadiana and Guadalquivir, "said the spokesman.

In the Canary Islands "the heat will also be noticed", especially in the south-facing medianias, with more than 34-36 degrees, temperatures that can be increased even from Sunday or Monday of next week.

"This heat could have continuity throughout July, since the monthly prediction models show temperatures above normal for practically the whole month", especially in the two Castillas, Extremadura, Madrid and Andalusia, and it will be "somewhat less intense, although not fresh ", in the Mediterranean regions.

Rubén del Campo has clarified that "many rains are not expected for the month of July, although there are some summer storms, which could leave showers occasionally intense."


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