February 27, 2021

The theatrical project that unites immigrants, educators and the performing arts advances

Pamplona, ​​Feb 23 (EFE) .- Professionals of the performing arts, young unaccompanied foreigners and educators, advance in the creative process of the show ‘Human Rights on Stage 2021: A backpack, a life’ that will culminate on February 25 with its premiere.

On the occasion of a rehearsal of the play, at the Gayarre Theater in Pamplona, ​​those responsible have explained that ‘A backpack, a life’ is part of the ‘Human Rights on Stage’ program, a line of work that seeks a social transformation of the environment through the performing arts, opening a process of reflection around Human Rights.

This is a collaboration between the sound company Asinsound (from Navarre musician Javier Asín), the Navarrese micro-cooperative Bidebitarte, the theater company Ados Teatroa and the UTE Zakan dedicated to residential intervention in Navarra and the promotion of personal autonomy of the young emigrants.

The work methodology “uses live arts and culture as an instrument of positive visibility and transformation of this group, generating empowerment processes in it.”

The cast will consist of two actors and an educator, and 15 unaccompanied foreign and foreign minors, while the technical team will be professionals from the Performing Arts.

Those responsible explain in a note that from 2019 Navarra experienced a dizzying increase in the arrival of unaccompanied minors, but at the same time voices emerged in society that “pigeonholed them as vagrants or potential criminals, stigmatizing the group. Voices that they are beginning to sink in and it is necessary to activate integration at all levels “.

For this reason, “Human Rights on Stage” decides to respond to this reality with the creation of a theater show that makes these minors visible in another way, using cultural creation.

‘A backpack, a life’ has been created in an itinerant residence in various areas of Navarra since December 13, such as the houses of culture of Zizur, Ansoain, Villava, Casa de la Juventud de Pamplona, ​​Civivox Iturrama and Teatro Gayarre.

The show has been created from scratch, without previous materials, so that the staging and dramaturgy are elaborated and completed throughout the process, incorporating ideas, opinions and comments from the participants, spectators and social networks.

“The result is a show with an unconventional theatrical language, with great visual content and influence of performance art”, point out the same sources that define this show as “in permanent construction, which tries to avoid clichés or preconceived ideas, and bases creation on dialogue, interactivity and the management of diversity “.

The end of this creation process is the premiere and exhibition of the show in different places.


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