The test to detect the coronavirus that will be sold in pharmacies will cost between six and ten euros

According to Galván, predictably on August 20 the obtaining of the over-the-counter antigen test by the Minister council. “We propose that it be in the pharmacies where the test is performed and whether it is negative or positive. In case of testing positive, we will inform the Canary Islands Health Service. “Gómez, for his part, stressed that the tests will help the early detection of the coronavirus and the National Health System.” Pharmacists are the healthcare providers closest to the patient. “. The test will be used to rule out the disease if” you have had symptoms for a few days. “If it is positive, it will be necessary to confirm with the Canary Islands Health Service through a PCR.” It is a quick, simple and inexpensive method. ” .

Gomez indicated that the self-diagnostic test It can be done by the pharmacist directly to the patient, by the client in front of the pharmacist or the latter can accompany the patient to do it at home. “The only thing missing is the approval of the Council of Ministers to sell these tests without a prescription, which are used for early detection in the event of a possible suspicion.” The result takes between five and ten minutes to obtain. “It’s like a pregnancy test. You can see the results through colors. The most difficult thing is to perform the test itself.” The test allows the patient’s peace of mind if it is negative “but it can be repeated after a few days because there may be changes in the results.”

Loreto Gómez emphasized that “the covid is the third world war. We have to take care of ourselves and not lower our guard because it is an unknown enemy. We do not even know if we will have to vaccinate again.” Galván added that it is a virus “that kills and also young people.”


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