November 24, 2020

The terraces will be able to open to 50% and allow meetings of up to ten people from May 11

The terraces will be able to open to 50% of their capacity in phase 1 of the de-escalation, according to sources from Moncloa. They can also be meeting spaces for up to ten people per group. In this first phase, Meetings of that size will be allowed in private homes or outdoors, Indicate the same sources. People who are part of a risk group may not attend the meetings, however. Phase 1 of de-escalation begins on May 11 in provinces that meet the criteria established by the Government. The Canary Islands of La Gomera, El Hierro and La Graciosa and the Balearic Formentera will enter before: on May 4.

This Tuesday, President Pedro Sánchez announced that in the first phase the terraces could open only 30% of their capacity, a measure that caused intense complaints between hoteliers. Associations from all over Spain criticized the impossibility of making the business profitable as well. Finally, the Government will open its hand, although the City Councils can also expand the space of each terrace to maintain their normal number of tables (they can ‘sponge’ them), according to the document distributed this week. In any case, the two meters of distance must always be kept between each client.

Businesses should sanitize twice a day

Phase 1 will also allow retail stores of up to 400 square meters to be opened, provided it is by appointment and can guarantee individual attention. The businesses that open, in addition, must apply strict security measures: sanitize at least twice a day (once, when the day ends), wash uniforms daily and do not allow the use of toilets unless necessary. In the case of clothing or footwear stores that have fitting rooms, these should be cleaned every time someone uses them.

From Monday day 4 —Even in phase 0 for all the provinces except the mentioned islands– The opening of hairdressers, bookstores, hardware stores, workshops or repair shops will be allowed by appointment and with a maximum of one client per worker. Also the collection of food in restaurants, under this same rule: there can only be one customer collecting per employee. Until now, only home delivery was allowed.

Reforms allowed from May 4

The Government will approve the order tomorrow, which will come into effect on Monday, the 4th, which will allow for the reform of housing and closed premises. This was the only construction sector that remained unemployed. To proceed, the house or premises must be uninhabited and it must be ensured that employees do not come into contact with the neighbors of the building.


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