March 2, 2021

The Teresian College wins the debates – La Provincia

The Alma team, which represented the Teresiano College, prevailed in the second edition of the League of Inter-Center Debates, an academic league of debates between public, concerted and private centers in Gran Canaria. The students who have participated are from 4th of ESO to 2nd of Baccalaureate and on this occasion were the IES Arucas-Domingo Rivero, IES La Minilla, Claret College, San Ignacio de Loyola College, Teresiano College, Arenas College and Heidelberg College. All teams demonstrated a high level and a critical attitude, respect and empathy towards the opponent. They went to Ágora semifinals (IES La Minilla), which debated with the Alma team (Colegio Teresiano) and the other semifinal was Pangea 2.0 (Colegio Arenas Atlántico) against Margot Escobar team (Colegio Teresiano). They passed the Pangea 2.0 team against the Alma team and the Alma team, from the Teresiano College, won the final. As the best speaker of the contest was proclaimed Laura Rodrigo, too from the Teresiano College. The final featured nine judges, under the coordination of Javier Amador, of Laurisilva Comunicaciones, which has contributed to the organizational part of the educational contest.


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