March 7, 2021

The tenth Ehunmilak arrives, the race of the one hundred Basque miles

The hundred Basque miles are ten years old, and they do it in a big way, with better health than ever, exhausting dorsals in all their modalities and with a strong growth of their media and sports projection internationally: From the Highlands of Euskadi to the whole world. They will be held on the 12th, 13th and 14th of July.

The tenth edition of this "ehunmilak" has been presented, in which two natural parks are crossed (Aralar and Aizkorri-Aratz) and no less than 30 municipalities. One more year, the 3 classic modes remain: EHUNMILAK ULTRA TRAIL (The hundred miles, with 168k / D + 11,000m), GOIERRIKO BI HAUNDIAK trail (The two great peaks of Goierri, with 88k / D + 6.000m) and the MARIMURUMENDI marathon (42k / D + 2,300m).

The presentation table was chaired by: Imanol Muñoz (marketing director of Ternua Group), Eneritz Toledo (tourism technique of the Provincial Council of Guipuzcoa), Aitor Aldasoro (mayor of Beasain), Andoni Zubeldia (career director of the Ehunmilak) and Irati Anda (technical director of the Basque Mountain Federation).

THE DECÍMA, AN EDITION OF RECORD: New maximums in inscriptions, volunteering and internationality

Record of participants: All the numbers exhausted. There are 1,295 registered distributed in this way: the"Ehunmilak"Ultra-Trail® 515 registered (26 women and 14 teams),"Goierriko bi haundiak" trail (41 women) and the"Marimurumendi"marathon (49 women)

Record of volunteering: to attend as it is due to all the runners this year we have more than 1,600 volunteers distributed throughout the course.

● It will be the most international edition in the history of the ehunmilak with 17 countries represented.

A GREAT SPORTS QUOTE: Besides the popular success, it will be a great edition due to its high level of sports, with numerous elite world riders present in each modality. And, historically, victories in the hundred miles have served as a launching pad for runners who have broken records all over the world, from the hundred miles of the Ultra Trail Mont Blanc to the 330km of the Tor des Geants and much more . This 2019 also is unique because all the current champions have opted to return to defend their "txapela". One more proof that, whether you are elite or popular, this appointment has something special that engages.

In the hundred miles, the five-time champion of Ehunmilak and record man of the Tor des Geants (330km) Javi Domínguez of the Vibram team returns to what he considers "his" career. There will also be the champion of 2018 the Polish team Salomon Ewa Maier. In the hundred miles, the three-time champion Imanol Aleson competes again, this time betting on the team modality. They also include the names of Unai Dorronsoro, champion Maxi Race Annecy 2018 and a Jon Aizpiru runner-up 2017-18. Among the females, the Swedish Sofia Smedman who has already won the 100 Miles of Kullamanen Ultra 2017 or the veterans Elena Calvillo or Myriam Talens.

In the race of 88km stand out names like the champion here of 2018 Uxue Fraile who accumulates nothing less than three podiums in the one hundred miles of Chamonix UTMB. There will also be young Alvaro Ramos defending the 2018 title against veterans such as Ion Azpiroz, champion of the Alpinultras 2016 circuit or the three-time champion of this event, Dani Aguirre.

In the Marimurumendi marathon will also be both current champions, both Ingrid Ruiz and Aleix Bautista. In front of Ingrid, the runners-up from previous years as Amaiur Iglesias and Oihana Arratibel. In front of Aleix, the Polish team Salomon Bartozc Growycka who already won here in 2017 and the Mexican Samuel Dávila who arrives in great shape after winning the Marathon Ulldeter this same June.

Follow-up of the test 12,13 and July 14: There will be different ways to follow the envivo brokers:

● Using the bus service of the organization to move to different places on the circuit.

● With the geolocation or GPS signal that will be issued by the apparatus of each corridor of the ehm and g2h.

● Through the times marked by the chips at each control point.

● With the different webcams that will be installed at different refreshment stations on the route and that can be viewed on the web.

● The streaming that will be done throughout the weekend on the giant screen of the goal and on the web.

● Participants will have SMS service so that their followers receive the notification when they pass each checkpoint.

● The Maratonradio program that, as usual in recent years, will narrate the entire event live.

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