June 20, 2021

The Tenerife Cabildo inaugurates the Barranco del Muerto Interpretation Center

The Cabildo inaugurates the Interpretation Center of the Barranco del Muerto

The Cabildo inaugurates the Interpretation Center of the Barranco del Muerto
The province

The Director of Planning of the Territory and Historical Heritage of the Cabildo de Tenerife, Emilio Fariña, today inaugurated the Interpretation Center of the Barranco de Muerto at the IES San Matías de La Laguna. “It is a space that will serve for the general population to know, through the provision of technological elements and information in audiovisual format, in addition to the reproduction of the cave through models, what this Asset of Cultural Interest represents: the Barranco del Muerto, located near the center ”.

Fariña has recognized the “hard work that the students and teachers have done in recent years, as well as the center’s management team, currently led by María Isabel Bretón, and the project itself, headed by Juana Balbina Navarro, in order to carry out the drafting and execution of the project for the BIC Barranco del Muerto interpretation center in the center, for an amount of about 36,000 euros for its realization, approved by the Insular Directorate of Finance within the framework of the European funds EDUSI.

The interpretation center inaugurated shows the pre-Hispanic cave engravings found in the ravine and makes a visual tour of the different areas of it. In this way, the interpretation center – affirms the insular director – has two objectives: “the conservation and dissemination of the important ethnographic character of the Barranco del Muerto nucleus, in order to contribute to putting it in value, taking into account that It is about a Property of Cultural Interest, with the category of archaeological site ”.

In addition, he thanked the work of the technical service staff of Historical Heritage who, in cooperation with the center and the neighborhood associations of La Montaña and San Jerónimo, as well as the Ibergara women’s association, have made this interpretation room “a reason of pride for the Cabildo that, I am convinced, is the prelude to a series of upcoming activities that will allow the project to continue developing ”.

The project director, Juana Balbina Navarro, stated that “what we are doing today goes beyond inaugurating this magnificent place, which will be a reference for the San Matías neighborhood and for the educational community of the entire island; we are taking advantage of the resources that the environment offers, promoting the values ​​of respect and conservation and setting up an ethnographic museum classroom at the service of the environment where the center is located ”.

He argued that it is an “educational project created in order to promote awareness to recover and preserve the archaeological heritage of the Barranco del Muerto, as well as the conservation of the fauna and flora of this enclave.” He added that he hopes that this BIC will become a reference for educational activities to complete the training of the environment, but also for the promotion of tourist and cultural promotion of San Matías.

For her part, the Councilor for Historical Heritage of La Laguna, Elvira Jorge, thanked, on behalf of the consistory, the efforts of the IES San Matías to carry out this project, with its students, its teachers, and its management team, the former – original promoter project- and the current one, in front; with the associations involved in the neighborhood. He added that “we cannot forget where we have come from and we must appreciate that the start-up of this classroom is a source of pride. In addition, it will enhance the enormous value that this neighborhood has of humble people but fighters and involved with their environment ”, he declared.


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