The ten questions that Torres will have to answer to the prosecutor

Image of the Canarian president, Ángel Víctor Torres. / Cober

These are the questions that Javier Ródenas will formulate to the Canarian president

Francisco Jose Fajardo

For what the Anticorruption prosecutor, Javier Ródenas, considered a
question of "judicial economy" so that the procedure would not be delayed in time, he attached in the brief presented to the investigating judge of the
case Masks the list of questions that he intends to ask the president
Angel Victor Torres in anticipation that he makes use of his power to “excuse himself from the official call and opts for the written declaration in his capacity as regional president.

It is
ten questions that appear below are the ones that Torres told the media that they were "completing the information" to respond to the prosecutor, although the ones formulated by the parties and admitted by the judge would still remain to be answered.

What was the date of the appointment of Conrado Jesús Domínguez Trujillo, his area of ​​competence and the functions assigned to the Canary Islands Health Emergency Management Committee?

Did Conrado Domínguez inform you or are you aware that you informed the rest of the members of the Committee of the procedures followed with the intermediaries of the company RR7 United SL for the acquisition of one million masks classified as FFP3? Did you provide them with the price of the mask unit, their relationship with intermediaries, the delivery time of the merchandise or the procedures to verify the proposed business reality?

Did Conrado Domínguez inform you or are you aware that he informed the rest of the members of the Committee prior to sending the text message (on May 24, 2020) in which he explained to the General Director of Economic Resources of the SCS "to do request for one million 3M brand FFP3 masks from the company RR7 United SL, from the telephone negotiations held with the intermediaries of this company?

Was the sending of this text message via mobile an autonomous and exclusive decision of this committee member that no one else on the committee had knowledge of?

Did Conrado Domínguez have the legal authorization to be able to negotiate directly with the awardee companies in the contracting of medical devices by the mere fact of being a member of the committee?

Was there within the committee –given that it was made up of up to 16 people– a distribution by areas, corresponding to the contracting of Health supplies to Conrado Domínguez, or was there no such distribution by areas?

Was the decision to send the text message to Ana María Pérez to process the contract with RR7 United SL within the powers conferred on Domínguez as a member of the committee or, on the contrary, did it lack delegation of functions?

Were the rest of the committee members aware of the negotiations via WhatsApp between the intermediaries of the company RR7 United SL and Conrado Domínguez? If so, identify which members knew them, if any?

On what date was the committee aware of the award to RR7 United SL of the public contract for the supply of one million N95 model 1860 masks of the 3M brand, if known?

Were the contracts negotiated by Domínguez within the Health Emergency Management Committee subject to review or prior authorization, majority vote or any form of 'approval'?