The ten most visited and popular web pages in the world - La Provincia

The ten most visited and popular web pages in the world - La Provincia

Since the Internet was bornmore than four decades ago, millions of pages have emerged with the intention of becoming a reference. Some of them have achieved it, becoming practically indispensable in our daily life. The search engines are the most visited, since they are precisely the ones that give us access to others in a comfortable and fast way. In addition, those related to social networks, increasingly popular among young people, and virtual stores, given theboom of online shopping, copan the rest of popular websites.

So, these are the most used pages:



The 'queen' of the webs is undoubtedly Google.The most used search engine of all-about 90% of users open the Internet with it as the main page- it is the most required website since, thanks to her,we access any topic quickly, including other web pages, images, videos or offers.


Created in 2005, YouTube is the second most popular portal. And is thatwhen looking for videos, everyone turns to him. It allows you to upload and share them and its boom does not stop growing, climbing positions in the ranking without stopping.



It's about thesocial network par excellenceand, therefore, the third most visited website. And is that Facebook getsconnect people from all points of the planetIn a simple way.


Baidu is theChinese search engine. Given the millions of inhabitants of the Asian country, it is logical that it becomes the second most visited search engine in the world. It gives access to all the resources offered by Google and also to MP3 movies.



There could not be Wikipedia missing from the list. When you want to make aconsultation on any subject, is the first place that one can think of resorting to obtain information. Access to this authenticvirtual encyclopediaIt does not stop growing either, and he resorts from students to seniors, because of its enormous range of information and easy reading.

Tencent QQ

China again appears. And is that QQ is an Internet service portal, founded 20 years ago and whose use is not to increase in the Asian giant. QQ, owned by Tencent, offers its users awide range of forums, chat rooms, games, mail and other services.

Taboao and Tmall

As with Amazon, theChina's most popular virtual stores could not be missing from the list. Tmall, more recent, and Taobao, founded 15 years ago, offer a wide range of products and is very popular among the Chinese population.



Although far from Google, Yahoo isthe second most used search engine in the West, so it also appears in the ranking. In addition to offering all kinds of information, it has personalized content, email, clubs and pagers.


The virtual stores are also among the most visited and, among them, stands out without a doubtAmazon, whathas almost any item you wantand a personalized use that favors the search and reception of the product.


After Facebook, Twitter appears as the next most popular social network. And like any network, it is increasingly widespread. Through this page we canShare texts, photos and videosin a simple, quick and visual way.

We live in a world in constant movement and with an imperious need to be always connected. Although the smartphone can cover part of these needs to work is better to have a computer, and the best option are laptops. The variety of models is so high that the selection is not simple.


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