Wed. Apr 8th, 2020

‘The temptations of MYHYV’ ask Susana to be a tronista

The temptations of Women and men and vice versa (MYHYV)
has returned this Friday to the grill of Four with a program loaded with quotes, exclusive images of
2020 survivors
, the visit of Suzanne from

The island of temptations
and of Adara. And precisely with it the dating show.

The first question for the big sister has been how Gianmarco is. “Very good happy”, Confessed Miller, whose mother is competing in Honduras since this Thursday. Because the reality show Survival of the chain has been one of the great protagonists of the afternoon.

Super happy, eager to enjoy ”. This is how Adara saw her mother this Thursday, while Hugo has seen him “as he is.” And is that his ex-partner, Hugo Sierra, is also participating in the reality show of Mediaset. A reality that has made the great sister have to face her past both on the set that Jorge Javier Vázquez leads and this Friday in The temptations of MYHYV.

The reason is none other than the visit of Hugo Sierra’s brother, with whom he does not have a good relationship. Why? “For” the little pearls that he dedicates to me continuously, very pretty things, “Molinero acknowledged. And so Bruno agreed. “All they care about is that Hugo has gone wrong, not that we cannot continue together, just the image of his brother, ”Molinero said.

Adara meets Hugo Sierra's brother in 'The Temptations of MYHYV'.

Adara meets Hugo Sierra’s brother in ‘The Temptations of MYHYV’.

“I apologized and said that if at any time I hurt someone forgive me porque I only paid attention to my feelings and that cannot be chosen, ”she continued in reference to the love triangle she shared with Sierra and Gianmarco. A fact that ended the extensive relationship with the already participating Survivors and several comings and goings about it.

“When did you realize that you couldn’t avoid falling into the temptation of Gianmarco?” Nagore Robles asked the protagonist. “Two days after Discount time
”, Adara confessed to the surprise of the audience at the set and a conductor who praised her for her sincerity.

Adara in 'The temptations of MYHYV'.

Adara in ‘The temptations of MYHYV’.

A truth that neither Kiko Jiménez nor Sofía Suescun believe. For the couple of opinionists Adara’s relationship with Gianmarco is a false one that will not last long, but for the protagonist of her story, the important thing It is what the Italian shows him every day. Trust him and the past is past.

And for the past that of Susana and Gonzalo. The former participant of The island of temptations It was the second guest this Friday at the dating show presented by Nagore Robles to tell how she is currently. “Very well,” he sentenced as he descended the stairs. “I’m super good because It has been a very hard process and for me seeing it has made me very sad, but it has been a brutal liberation”, He added.

“It has been a total liberation”

The reason is that “people knew us for Big Brother and I was used to seeing my relationship with him and Everyone asked me. And now it has been totally released. ” A change in his life that has occurred in the reality presented by Mónica Naranjo in which he ended his relationship with Gonzalo.

A relationship that is currently non-existent. “The best thing is that we do not continue talking because all this has removed much more and we are not in the same condition.” “My heart is very well, calm,” he added, denying that he was maintaining any kind of relationship with someone. “I don’t bind anything!”he exclaimed with laughter.

With whom he will not have an approach in that aspect is with Rubén, with whom he lived a month in the reality and who is currently a tronista of MYHYV. This has been demonstrated both with a cross-statement in which they have made clear that they do not have excessive chemistry.

“We all got along well in general and I feel that I know you but I don’t know how you say that you don’t know me,” said Susana, who has been offered the throne of MYHYV to recover hope in love. But … have you accepted? The answer, the following: “I would think about it just to live with Rubén again but the truth is that after starting a relationship on television, ending a relationship on television, what I least want is to start another on television

Meanwhile in ‘Survivors’ …

Despite his words, Robles has not ceased his efforts and has placed at the end of the program to answer definitively. In the meantime, Survivors and his exclusive images have starred in the program. And in them Hugo Sierra has been one of the most watched characters. Will Adara remove anything from seeing him with his mother or with his current boyfriend’s ex?

“I love Hugo very much because he is the father of my son, but not moving,” he said. What I did not expect is that he had a conversation with Ivana and that she and Gianmarco had been the subject. And with confession included: that is open to love on the island. And Adara is clear: “It’s what you have to do, I wish you good luck

“It was a bit unnecessary for me to get that out.”

But this has not been the only one he has had to respond to during his visit to The temptations of MYHYV. A video of his mother on the island alluding to the differences between his two children has especially drawn attention to the firstborn. “If I reach the set and see them holding hands, I’m dying to taste”, Elena acknowledged in Honduras.

“It was a bit unnecessary for me to get that out, really,” Adara has pointed out after the video. “We have fights like any brother,” she insisted, who has confessed that it is a subject that does “a little” damage. And it is that this has been “a little hallucinated” because “we talked before he left that that subject was not going to be touched and now I see myself a little between a rock and a hard place”.

Finally The temptations of MYHYV They have had to come to an end but not before reminding Susana that she has a pending petition. Do youIt will soon occupy one of the thrones of the dating show presented by Nagore Robles? The question is asked. The conclusion and decision only she has.

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