May 11, 2021

The Telethon of Nicaragua seeks to collect $ 463,105, after running out of funds

The Telethon of Nicaragua seeks to collect $ 463,105, after running out of funds

The Telethon Foundation (Funte) of Nicaragua today announced its goal of raising $ 463.105 during the annual fundraising campaign on February 1, when they have completed 4 months of working without money.

"The goal is to raise 15 million córdobas (463.105 dollars), for the three regional care centers," said Funte president José Evenor Taboada at a press conference.

The regional centers are located in the cities of Chinandega, Juigalpa and Ocotal, to cover the western, northern, central and Caribbean areas of Nicaragua.

With the money raised, Funte expects to cover the minimum budget for the following 12 months, despite the fact that its employees do not charge and the facilities receive only partial maintenance since last October, when the 506,582 dollars collected in Telethon 2018 were exhausted, said Taboada.

After 19 years of collecting money to care for children with disabilities, Teletón faces an internal crisis caused by its separation from the Los Pipitos Foundation 13 months ago, and the one that lives in Nicaragua, which has left hundreds dead and an economy in retreat.

For the first time the central show of Teletón Nicaragua will not count on international artists, and in addition to raising money, Funte will sell shirts and bracelets during the collection.

Taboada appealed to the moral and human value shown by the staff of Funte, who decided to continue attending the 17,000 children who seek their help, despite the fact that in October they were announced that they could not continue to receive their salary.

"We already show that we are committed to this cause, we need them to help us continue to help," said the president of the Telethon Foundation.

"More than asking us to save the Telethon, let's save the rehabilitation, the hope, the commitment of the doctors and staff who have been working for free," added Funte executive director Orlando Sevilla.

This year Telethon will be broadcast on four television channels.


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