May 16, 2021

the technicians will open two vertical tunnels

the technicians will open two vertical tunnels

The rescue device of Julen, the two-year-old boy who fell Last Sunday, in a deep and narrow well in Totalán (Málaga), he decided to practice two vertical tunnels, one on each side.

This was announced today to journalists by the representative of the College of Engineers and Roads of Málaga, Ángel García, who has also explained that the level of the hill has already been reduced by 15 meters, half of what is expected to be done.

The two vertical tunnels would be on either side of the well where Julen fell, which is believed to be about 71 meters deep, reports Efe.

The works to rescue the child continue this Thursday when it is about to be fulfilled on the fourth day since he fell into the well when he spent a field day with family and friends.

The goal is to reach 80 meters deep, where Julen is believed to be located, from whom a hair was found among the solid material extracted these days from the well.

The rescue device is made up of a hundred people and private companies collaborate with it, and the Hunosa Mining Rescue Brigade.



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