The team-fan binomial to defend the Arena and assault the Playoff

The team-fan binomial to defend the Arena and assault the Playoff

The Gran Canaria fans applaud their team during the match against Andorra. / CBGC

Gran Canaria, with AJ Slaughter recovered, receives this Sunday (12.00) a Surne Bilbao who lands on the island after knocking down Valencia and Real Madrid consecutively

A high-flying appointment at the Siete Palmas venue.
An untouchable fort in 2022 for the rivals in the domestic competition: six victories in six battles. A full of challenges and challenges to step strong in the middle of the comeback to attack one of the places that give the right to dispute the qualifiers for the Endesa League.

The Gran Canaria Basketball Club, ranked ninth with a balance of 15 wins and 13 losses, receives this Sunday, starting at 12:00 (Movistar Deportes 2 -dial 55-), the Surne Bilbao Basket, twelfth in the table with 13 wins and 15 stumbles, in a new day -there are six left for the conclusion of the regular phase- transcendental ahead of the Playoff. And it is that the yellows, who have won eight of their last ten league games, accelerate in search of a ticket to seal a new continental participation and fight for the title.

Porfi Fisac's team, which recovers the North American shooting guard with a Polish passport AJ Slaughterabsent in the duel against MoraBanc Andorra after receiving a blow to the face from the Dominican forward Sadiel Rojas on the previous date against UCAM Murcia, intends to impose his law on his fans to obtain the sixteenth victory before facing the round of 16 match the EuroCup against the Polish Slask Wroclaw this Wednesday at the
Sand. Later, the Claretian squad will have to face Monbus Obradoiro and Coosur Real Betis at home and Río Breogán, Valencia Basket and Real Madrid on the island.

On the other hand,
Surne Bilbao Basket lands on the island after knocking down Valencia Basket and Real Madrid consecutively on their court, an aspect that shows the potential and the good moment of the players directed by Álex Mumbrú with the shelter of their fans, although they have not been able to win in their last three outings to Andorra, Málaga and Fuenlabrada.

In the crash of the first round in Miribilla,
the Gran Canaria Basketball Club yielded by a resounding 95-80, with Bigote -16 points-, Goudelock -15 points- and Delgado -14 points and 12 rebounds- as outstanding pieces in the Bilbao squad and John Shurna -20 points and seven rebounds-, Dylan Ennis -18 points- and AJ Slaughter - 15 points- in the Insular. This Sunday it's time to exhibit the best version of the team-hobby binomial to defend the Arena.

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