February 26, 2021

The teachers of the children of La Cañada Real deliver hundreds of signatures to the Community of Madrid to demand that the light return

Teachers from educational centers in Villa de Vallecas, Vicálvaro and Rivas Vaciamadrid have delivered more than four hundred signatures to the Ministry of Education this Monday to request that the electricity supply be restored in Cañada Real since the right to education of hundreds is being violated children’s..

The reform of the Social Services of Almeida leaves the commissioner for La Cañada Real vacant in the midst of the crisis

The reform of the Social Services of Almeida leaves the commissioner for La Cañada Real vacant in the midst of the crisis

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In statements to journalists, Juan Carlos Sánchez, one of the secondary school teachers at the Joaquín Rodrigo Institute in Vicálvaro, has indicated that these signatures come from the teaching staff of schools that receive students from La Cañada Real. “It is not that there are thousands of signatures, it is not the quantity but the quality, because it is the teachers who are experiencing this situation and are concerned about their students,” he assured.

Another of the teachers, Puri López has asserted that the situation of the students is “very serious” since due to the power cuts that have lasted for almost four months they are “undermining” access to education and “self-esteem” of these young people. “Many students cannot carry out their tasks, something that affects their grades, and cannot advance. Education is the tool to get out of marginality and this door is now closed,” he lamented.

The objective of these firms is that the Ministry of Education urges other administrations, from their “privileged position”, to solve this situation “as soon as possible”.

Teachers have also shown their concern about the increase in school absenteeism, something that has worsened during the coronavirus pandemic, as well as the consequences of the storm Filomena that has caused damage to the infrastructure of their homes. “We do not understand how this situation has become a ball that goes back and forth between one administration and another without giving an answer or a solution,” they added in a manifesto, in which they appeal to Human Rights and the Rights of Children.

The mayor of Más Madrid Pilar Sánchez has shown her support for these teachers who want to guarantee the right to education of their students, which must also be added to the context of a pandemic. On the other hand, he has criticized that the Madrid City Council has presented a Childhood and Adolescence plan in which “not one mention” has been made of the situation of the children of Cañada Real. “They carry out plans outside the Cañada Real, where the right to education and health of hundreds of children is being endangered,” he reiterated.

In this old cattle track, 14.4 kilometers long, it is divided into six sectors that run through the municipalities of Madrid, Coslada and Rivas-Vaciamadrid, of which the fifth and sixth have suffered power outages since October due to increases of tension in the illegal cultivation of marijuana affecting some 4,000 people, almost half of them children.


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